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Handbook of Florida (Norton, 1990)
Silver Beach. The peninsula that separates Halifax River from the ocean rises to a considerable height opposite
Daytona and for some miles to the northward. On the landward side of this ridge are some of the most charming places
in Florida. Sheltered from the direct force of the ocean winds, the gardens and plantations are remarkably luxuriant and
produce the more delicate varieties of tropical fruits and flowers in abundance. There are several private residences at
Silver Beach, where a system of subirrigation has been introduced with remarkable results, notably in the grounds of Mr.
Clark Marsh.

Thomas Keating (Florida East Coast Homeseeker 1908)
Thomas Keating, the well known proprietor of the Casino and the new hotel now in process of construction on the
beach, is quite optimistic regarding the future of our rapidly growing towns. Not long since this was a comparative
wilderness with only a path to the beach. Now we enjoy some of the modern buildings and conveniences, pretty
cottages, nice hotels, cement walks, marl roads, and not only is this the resort of winter tourists, but of summer visitors
also. It is certainly destined to become the prettiest and most popular resort on the East Coast. Having placed a great
outlay of money here, Mr. Keating has assuredly affirmed his views. The new hotel will be ready for occupancy about the
middle of February, and the contractor, E. E. Johnson, is rushing the work with a large force of mechanics. This house,
under the name of "Daytona Beach," will be electric lighted, and will be a rather commodious beach hotel when
completed, and under the competent supervision of Mrs. Keating and interesting daughter we feel assured it will be a
popular resort.---
Daytona Halifax Journal

A line of automobiles is operated between the railway station and the settlements on the east side. Charge for transfer
of passengers, 25 cents; for each piece of baggage, 25 cents.

Places to Stay in Daytona Beach 1909
Daytona Beach guests may find accommodations at the following hotels and boarding houses:

Comfort Lodge -- A select private boarding house at reasonable rates. Large, sunny rooms. Best table service.

Daytona Beach Hotel -- Thos. H. Keating, manager and owner. Rates, $2.00 to $3.00 per day; special by the week. A
new house opened on the first of March, 1908, and first-class in every respect. Located directly on the ocean beach on
the famous East Coast of Florida--the finest in the world. The hotel has a frontage on the beach of 100 feet, with double
porches extending the whole length. It is indeed an ideal spot for the visitor, both in winter and summer.

Just completed, Johnson's garage, fireproof, one of the finest in the State, but a short distance from the hotel.
Automobiles stored, repaired and taken care of at a moderate cost. Accommodation for twenty-five automobiles.

Fifty feet from the hotel is Keating's Casino with a pier extending into the Atlantic Ocean, from which there's fine fishing
at all seasons of the year. Bath houses, surf bathing, dancing, bowling, tonsorial and manicure parlors.

New bath houses on the beach in front of the hotel free to guests. Sea food a specialty.

The Glenwood -- E. F. Britton, proprietor. Accommodates thirty-five. Rates, $1.50 and $2.00 per day; special by the
week. Large rooms and modern conveniences.

Lone Bay Inn -- Ichabod Dougherty, proprietor, Accommodates thirty-five. Rates, $1.00 to $1.50 per day. Special by
the week.

The New Seaside Inn -- Horace F. Stewart, proprietor. Accommodates 100. Open all the year. Rates, $2.50 and up
per day; $12.00 to $20.00 per week. Located on a bluff over looking the Atlantic Ocean. New house with all modern
improvements, such as furnace heat, hot and cold baths, electric bells, gas and electric lights, sun parlors. Large dining
hall facing the ocean. New Ocean pier for fishing and large casino for dancing.

Pinehurst -- W. H. Freeman. Open all the year. Rates, $1.50 per day; special by the week.

Surf Crest -- Mrs. S. E. Rogers, proprietor. Accommodates forty. Rates, $2.00 per day; special weekly.

The Van Valzah -- A. Van Valzah, proprietor. Accommodates forty. Rates, $2.00 per day; special weekly.

White House and Cottages -- Corner Grandview and Seabreeze avenues. E. L. Howard, proprietor. Spacious
grounds and home-like place. Rates, $1.50 and up per day; special for the season.

 Places to Stay in Daytona Beach 1912
Daytona Beach Hotel
, Thomas H. Keating; capacity 60; rates - per day, $2.00 to $3.00, per week, special

Glenwood, E. F. Britton; capacity, 35; rates--per day, $1.50 to $2.00 per week, special.

Lone Bay Inn, Mrs. Ichabod Dougherty; rates - per day, $1.00 to $1.50 per week, special.

New Seaside Inn, H. F. Stewart; capacity, 125; rates - per day, $2.50 up, per week, special.

Pinehurst, W. H. Freeman; capacity, 25; rates - per day, $1.50; per week, special

Van Valzah, J. A. Van Valzah; capacity, 60; rates - per day $2.50 up, per week, special.

White House. E. L. Howard; rates, per day, $1.50 up, per week, special.
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