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Deposition of Benjamin Martin
for Widow's Pension of Aurea Miller
for Scipio Miller of the 33rd USCT
April 27, 1903

Pension Records

Deposition D
Case of Annea Miller No 616.987


On this twenty seventh day of April 1903 at New Augustine, county of
St. Johns State of Florida, before me, J. A. Davis special examiner
of the Bureau of Pensions, personally appeared Benjamin Martin, who, being by me first duly sworn to answer truly all interrogatories
propounded to him during this special  examination of aforesaid claim for pension, deposes and says ::

When I muster in the Army I was not acquainted with my  age and when I got back home I found out. They put my age down when I
enlisted as nineteen years of age and I suppose I am now sixty one year old. I enlisted Nov. 20, 1862 in Co. G. 33 of U. S. C. T. and was
discharged Jany' 31 at 1866 at Charleston, S. C. I remember Scipio Miller in the same Regt and Co. I knew him about three months before
our enlistment. After we were discharged I did not see him again for about five years, I lived in Jacksonville, Fla, about two? Months after
my discharge and then returned to St. Augustine Fla. And have lived here ever since. I do not know where  Miller went to immediate after
his discharge, but when I saw him in Jacksonville about four years after the war, he told me he had up north And running about on Ships,.
I saw him occasionally from the time I was here in Jacksonville after the war until he came here to live And then I saw him frequently. He
died here he has been dead, I think about four years. I do not know of his having any sickness or disability while in the service, only on
two occasions I remember him complained of his back hurting her, but he did not lay up from it at all. I think we were up at Edgerfield S. C.
when he complained. He did not say what caused it. That was in 1865 he was mustered out in 1866. He ? to be in good health when I was
here for years after the war, he wasn't complaining then. When he came here to live he was ailing said he did not feel better tho since the
war, ? ? at ?. About a year after he came here he commenced to complain of his ? a good deal. I do ? ? of any other complaint. I did not
no him during his last sickness. I never have ? what caused his death. I do not think he was ? when I knew him in the army, not to my
knowledge. We staid in the same ? almost a year And I knew him intimately. The first I was knew of his having a wife was after he moved
here. i do not know his wife's name. I never knew anything about her. I never knew Wm or Vincent Moore, or Cyris Lecugus. I have given
in our testimony for her. I can write my name. I have been writing my name now for the last eighteen years.

This is an affidavit in the invalid claim of Scipio Miller signed Abram Lancaster And Benj Martin by mark And purports to have been
executed before J. M. Allen clerk of the circuit court, do you remember making the affidavit described? No sir, I never been before Mr.
Allen on the Scipio Miller case at all. ? not make any affidant in his case. If it had tru ? I would have signed my name to it. They were
wrong to put it there.

Affiant ? B. J. Ex of read to witness ? the reading of that affidavits finish your ?
This Benj Martin knows nothing about it , this is the first I was hand it. I do not know anything about Scipio Miller being injured. Was there
any other Martin in Co. G. 33rd U. S. C. T.?  No sir, no Br? Martin, my brother Maranna Martin was, he ? ? here. I am not related. I have
fully  no interest in this claim. I have fully understood all your questions. My answer s have been correctly recorded.

Benjamin Martin

Perhaps Benjamin Martin felt that he didn't have protect Scipio Miller since he died but this testimony was damning to his whole claim. No
injury, no illness, no other testimony.
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