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Deposition of Nancy Madison
for the Minors of William Morris
December 18, 1876

Pension Records

Exhibit C
Case of Minors Of William Morris, No. 171336

On this eighteenth day of December, 1876, at Beaufort, County of Beaufort State of
South Carolina, before me, James H. Clements a Special Agent of the
Pension Office, personally appeared Nancy Madison, who, being by me duly sworn according to law, declares that her age is about 45 years, that she resides
at Beaufort County of Beaufort, State of South Carolina, And that previous to the  War she was the slave of William Mosely who resided at Pilatka, Florida,
was well acquainted with William Morris, who was a free born coloured man who also resided at
Pilatka, Florida, about five or six years before that War (1861)
commenced William Morris, was married to Minerva Mapson, who was cousin to Affiant And slave to the aforesaid William Mosely, who was sometimes called
Gov. Mosely, they were married with consent of Minervas Master (Mosely) Minerva had two children before the war by said Marriage, can't give the dates of
Marriage or birth of children, but was present at the Marriage And birth of children, the Marriage or birth of Children, but was present at the Marriage And
birth of Children, the Marriage took place in the Only Methodist church in
Pilatka, Mr. Johnson was the Minister, dont know where Johnson is now, dont know
whether a record was kept in the Church or not, the Minister gave Wm Morris a certificate because he was a free Man, Alice Marina the daughter of the
Aforesaid Gov Mosely is living in
Pilatka now, Sam Mosely (a son) is living near Tallahassee, some time after the War Commenced William Mosely who was
then on a U. S. Steamer brought his Wife Minerva, And two Children John And Sarah to Beaufort South Carolina, where Morris enlisted in Co "G" 33rd U. S.
Col Troops, Affiant came to Beaufort after Morris And family came, Morris was North when Affiant came to Beaufort but his family was here, And Affiant went
to living in the same house with them, it was after Morris returned from the North And while Affiant was here that he enlisted, Affiant thinks that John the Son
of Minerva And William Morris was about six or seven years old, And Sarah the daughter was between three And four years old when said Morris enlisted,
Affiant thinks the Regiment William Morris was in, remained in the vicinity of Beaufort until the death of said Morris, Morris was taken sick with Typhoid Fever,
And was in the Field Hospital And his Wife (Minerva) And Affiant went to the Colonel of the Regiment And got permission to bring him home where he lived
about a week before dying, he died in the house where Dr. Stewart now lives which was then occupied by Col'd families, the children John And Sarah were
then with their Parents And were fully recognized as the Children of Morris (deceased Soldier) cant give the date of Morris death, he died in February And
had been in the Army about seven Months at time of his death, Affiant was witness in behalf of Minerva Morris when she applied for a Pension, if any specific
date was put in Affiant testimony at that time they were put in by the Agent who wrote out the testimony, as Affiant never did pretend to fix the dates exactly,
Minerva remained the widow of William Morris eleven Months when she married James Bythewood, And went to Florida about six years ago, Affiant saw
Minerva about three years age for the last time, she was then living with Bythwood And the children John And Sarah were living with her, Minerva died at
Jacksonville in September 1875, heard of her death from Mrs Bythewood the mother of James Bythewood, the child John (son of Wm Morris) is now in
Jacksonville with his Uncle Robert Mapson, Sarah the daughter is at Pilatka with her Aunt Sarah Wilson, the children have lived with their Uncle And Aunt
since the death of the Mother, William Magill who lives about ten miles from here was a Sergeant in Co "G" 33rd Regiment, Affiant is a pensioner as the
Widow of Charles Madison Co "G" 33rd U. S. Col. Troops, Alice Marina the daughter of Gov Mosely is the Wife of Dr. Nat. Antonio Marina of
Pilatka, Florida,
Minerva Morris had a family Bible in which the birth of her children were recorded, but Affiant dont know whether the entries were made at time of birth or not,
Minerva had one child born to Morris in Beaufort, it died an infant, And she further declares that she has no interest direct or indirect in the claims of the
Minors of William Morris for a Pension, And further saith not

Nancy (her mark) Madison

Witness, William Middleton

Sworn to And subscribed before me this 18th day of December 1876 And I certify that the Contents were fully made known to Affiant before signing.

James H. Clements
Special Agent

1. Notice the testimony of how they arrived in Beaufort before she arrived - this is not a first hand account.

2. Morris was North - where? In further testimony he will be a sailor/waiter on a boat.

3. Time And dates are an extreme difficulty in all the testimony in this case. Note the amount of time served in the army as 7 Months And the ages of the
children again.

4. Note another child who died as an infant.
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