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Deposition of Nathaniel Jackson
in the Pension Case of Adam Floyd
33rd USCT
January 17, 1890
Pension Records

Deposition C
Case of Adam Floyd, No 311059

On this 17th day of June, 1890
Moultrie Creek, County of St. Johns State of Fla., before me, James Dugass Special Examiner of the Pension Office, personally
appeared Nathanel Jackson, who, being by me first duly sworn to answer truly all interrogatories propounded to him during this Special Examination of aforesaid
pension claim, deposes And says: I am about 70 years old, occupation a farmer, And post-office address St. Augustine Fla.

I was formerly a private in Co. I. 33 U. S. C. T. And knew the claimant prior to, during And since service. We both served in the same co.

His health was good prior to his service And he was free from ?.

I know that from his ?  ? ? employed by the U. S. Government in work ass ? for ? at St. Augustine for six Months just before our enlistment And during that time
we were frequently ? ? ? Had there been anything the matter with him there I surly would have noticed it.

We / of my ? ? stripped And examined before any musters in the service.

I left St. Augustine at the same time ? did And we both enlisted at the same time at Beaufort S. C. which was on the 15th Janry 1863.

Claimants brother continued good, so far as I now ? later assisted the las ? of our service. We were stationed on Coles Island S. C. that Island joins Morris
Island And is only divided for it by a river. While there we were detailed to carry timber across as "lumber" as a foundation for a building to be used as our com
quarters. I send the claimant ?  on the detail. The co question for which the ? was....

There is a page 2 but I don't have it.

2. This document was extremely difficult to read. Please email me if you can fill in any of the question marks.

3. This document affirms that Adam Floyd worked at
Fort Marion before enlisting.

4. For pension purposes this deposition affirms that Adam Floyd was in good health before enlisting.
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