Deposition of Sally Growles
Case of Hester Lancaster
November 20, 1908
National Archives - Pension Files
This document is the deposition of Sally Growles in the case of Hester Lancaster for her widow's pension in the case of Abram Lancaster, a veteran of the 33rd
USCT. She was 80 years old at the time. She was the wife of Howdy Growles another veteran in the 33rd USCT. She was from St. Augustine. She knew Abram
Lancaster before the Civil War when he was a free man. She knew that he married Jane Nattiel with Father Aubry performing the wedding. She knew that he was
a protestant And she was a catholic. Jane went with Abram to Beaufort during the war. She knew they had two children but only knew the name of John
Lancaster. She didn't know Hester Jenkins (Lancaster) at all. The witnesses to her mark were Wilber Forward And Adrian Gibson. The deposition was sworn
before J. A. Davis the Special Examiner.
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