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Deposition of William Vandyke
Pension of Adam Floyd
33rd USCT
January 22, 1890

Pension Records
Deposition D
Case of Adam Floyd, No. 311,059

On this 22nd day of Jany, 1880, at St. Augustine, county of
St. Johns State of Fla, before me, James Dugan, a Special Examiner of the Pension Office,
personally appeared Wm Van Dyke, who, being by me first duly sworn to answer all interrogatories propounded to him during this Special Examination
of aforesaid pension claim, deposes And says: I am 28 years old, occupation a fisherman And P.O. address is as above. I enlisted at same time with
clm. I was not stripped And examined And I don't know whether the clm was or not. I formerly belonged to Co. I 33 U. S. C. T. And know the claim as a
member of my Co. I was a Corpl in my Co.

My Co. was stationed on Folly Island, which was only divided from a small stream from Coles Island.

We were there under fire from the rebels who were on the James Island, which is west of Folly Island And North by ? of  Coles Island And Folly Island
And divided only by a creek - It is about two miles from Folly Island.

While we were stationed at Folly Island the clm got wounded. He was carrying some timber from a big pile to war ? And were putting up quarters And no
carrying a ? hr drawer that he was ruptured I don't know that such was the fact, but he claimed it at ?. His complains of suffering ever since And has
always alleged that he ? it when unloading the ? at Morris Island S. C. Have no interest in this claim.

William Vandyke - Born March 1846, Florida Mulatto. Butcher And carpenter, Roman Catholic. Alive on St. Johns County 1910. St. Johns County
commissioner 1872-1874; St. Augustine marshal And tax collector 1873-1874; St. Augustine marshal 1877-1878 (from
Florida's Black Public Officials,
1867 - 1924
by Canter Brown, Jr.  He lived at 84 St. Benedict St. in St. Augustine.

2. This document is supporting testimony that Adam Floyd was injured in service duties.
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