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E. B. Duncan to Brvt Maj Gen'l Foster
Letter About his dismissal as
Florida's  Freedmen's Bureau Superintendent of
December 1st 1866
Freedmen Bureau Records
Tallahassee Fla

December 1st 1866
Brvt Maj Genl Foster
Asst Com Bureau R. F. & A. L.

Dear Sir,

In vacating my place as the Superintendent of Education in the Bureau by which I am relieved by your order, I feel it due to you and your worthy
predecessor Col. Osborne and other Officers of the Bureau to acknowledge the kindness and courtesy that you have ever shown me.

I entered the Bureau, with the express understanding that I was to be engaged in the work of the State with Mr. Hobbs as adjutant Superintendent was to
report to him receiving one hundred dollars per month with transportation which I have received for the last ten months making one thousand dollars besides
travelling expenses on Hacks, carts or otherwise. Also I acknowledge the aid of freedmen furnishing school houses procuring stoves as proffered in all such

I regret that these items were overlooked in my report yet my monthly reports through you to the Bureau at Washington of all our State schools is a virtual
acknowledgement abroad while we are known at home.

After the relief of Mr. Hobbs and my appointment in his place as State Superintendent, I called on Col. Osborne informed him of this fact and that I could
not go on with my work, without funds and transportation, which at present was not available from the State, this he said was so and very kindly consented
that I should continue my place in the Bureau until such time as the tax should come in which we supposed would be in the fall.

In the meantime Gen'l Howard last summer at Washington, highly approved and fully endorsed our State movement, stated that he would pay my salary and
assist us in furnishing school houses and anything in his power he would do kindly gave me transportation to New York and return to Florida.

This kindness I have endeavored to reciprocate by my acknowledgement generally I have visited those sent out by the societies of the North examined their
papers and so far as I could have carried out the purposes of education of freedmen of our land. I have done this honestly regarding alike the smiles or
frowns of any in doing what was right. My mission has been highly approved not only by my own state but other states North and South. I rejoice to know
from our interview Saturday morning that my course has met with your highest approval and that my removal has not been from any personal objection.

A true copy
J C Symour
A. A. A. Genl

Respectfully your Obdt. Servt.
Signed E. B. Duncan

1 E. B. Duncan was a Methodist minister

2. Duncan was both the State Superintendent of Negro students and the Freedmen's Bureau State Superintendent

3 JOINT RESOLUTION concerning Teachers of Freedmen's Schools during the year 1868.

Whereas, Sundry persons were encouraged by pledges of State aid to engage in teaching Freedmen's schools, during the year 1868, which persons have
taught under certificates granted by Rev. E. B. Duncan, Superintendent of Freedmen's Schools; And Whereas, It now appears there-is no fund in the State
Treasury to meet such pledges; therefore be it .

Resolved by the Senate and Assembly of the State of Florida, That the Superintendent of Public Instruction be requested to obtain the necessary facts and
information in the case, and lay the same before the Legislature at its next regular session.

Approved August 6th, 1868.