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The West Augustine Grammar School opened in the fall of 1925 as the West Augustine Grammar School grades one to
six. The name would later change to the West Augustine Elementary School. The school was an expandable large
elementary school designed by Fred A. Henderich (1879-1941) for 450 elementary students.  He also was the architect
Hastings High School,   Excelsior, the Hastings Community Building, 1918 St. Johns County Courthouse, buildings at
Florida Memorial College,  and Flagler Memorial Hospital. The building was designed with coquina walls and inner
courtyards in the Mediterranean Revival style. The school replaced a one room school on Madison Street.

A library, lunchroom, and second floor were added in 1928. The front wings of the school were added in 1957. In 1957
the school would be renamed the Evelyn Hamblen Elementary in honor of Evelyn Hamblen. The front wings of the school
were added in 1957. In 1971, the school was again renovated to add a cafeteria and media center, which are in use

Sixth Grade Class Graduation June 9, 1957 (The St. Augustine Record)
The sixth grade classes of Mrs. Erline Edwards and Mrs. Edna Foxworth held promotion exercises on Friday morning at
the Evelyn Hamblen School. A large number of parents and friends were present to see the class receive their
promotion certificates. The stage in the school auditorium was beautifully decorated by the home room mothers and an
interesting program was presented.

The Reverend Armando Silverio, pastor of the Calvary Baptist Church, gave the devotional. Mrs. A. H. Eddins then
introduced Mrs. Evelyn Kettner who presented the D. A. R. Good Citizenship Awards to Joyce Wilson, Pat Futch, Rickey
Osteen, and Curtis Osteen. Harry E. Jensen, director of the School Safety Patrol, spoke briefly and awarded certificates
for sharp-shooting to Ricky Osteen, Curtis Osteen, James Mercer, John Edward Lee, Robbie Vaughn, Mike McCave,
Ray McSwain, Gary Wells and Ricky Weedman. Curtis Osteen also received a medal for sharpshooting. Trips to
Washington were awarded to Rick Osteen, Curtis Osteen and J9ohn Edward Lee for outstanding service on the School
Patrol for the second year.

Certificates were presented to the class by Mrs. Maude Hartley and during the program several songs were rendered by
the class under the direction of Mrs. Bernice Erkelens, supervisor of music.  

Afterwards, the class was served refreshments by the home room mothers.

The pupils receiving promotion certificates are shown as follows: First row, Gary Wells, Bobby Taylor, Marshall
Blackwell, Michael Crlenjak, Eugene McQuaig, Charles Strickland, Philip Yeaman, Randy Hersey, Mike McCave, Bill
Hodges, and Ellen Leth.

Second row, Carol Hay, Cheryl Mikan, Paul Beaver, James Mercer, Patricia Futch, Albert Hartley, Dianne Nightengale,
Paula Beard, and Acina Adams.

Third row, Juanita Fedder, Sylvia Dorminey, Gina Ranson, Marilyn Motes, Audrey Simms, Eugene Ash, John Edward
Lee, Margaret Hersey, and Josephine Barry.

Fourth Row, Johnnie Mae Brewer, Margaret Raulerson, Kay Green, Beatrice Wiggins, and Curtis Osteen.

Fifth row, Eddie Fischer, Myrna Lee Ponce, Marian Andrews, Joyce Wilson, Reatha Mae Thomas, Randi Cowart, Ruth
Griffis, Sandra Wilson, Sharan McIntyre and Rosalee Cruse.

Sixth row, Jimmy Butler, Willie Watts, Roger Lee, Charles McSwain, Ronnie Mullins, Henton Clark, Bobby Gathright,
Bruce Espey, Ray McSwain, Rickey Osteen and Robbie Vaughn.

Sixth Graduation  June 6, 1958 (The St. Augustine Record)
Commencement exercises for the graduates from the Evelyn Hamblen sixth grade class began Wednesday afternoon at
1:00 p.m. as the students shwon above marched to their seats in the school auditorium that was decorated with
bouquets gladioli and fern.

Rev. H. A. Hartman, pastor of the Memorial Lutheran church, offered the devotional. Mrs. A. H. Eddins presented the
D.A.R. Good citizenship awards to Ruthie Rewis, Ann Breese, Charles Sterling and Jimmy Williams.

Mrs. Sara McDaniel, school principal, made an award to Roland Ferrell for perfect attendance and announced the
special marksmanship awards to school patrol boys Niel Stevens and Charles Sterling.

W. Douglas Hartley, superintendent of schools, presented the individual certificates to the graduates, followed by the
singing of the vacation and farewell sons by the 5th and 6th grades, under the musical direction of Mrs. Bernice

Sixth grade teachers Mrs. Edna Foxworth and Mrs. Erline Edwards were present and special guests, seated on the
stage, included: Mrs. C. L. Collins, Mrs. Carol Lord, Mrs. Maude Hartley, Mrs. Irene Williams and O. A. Albritton.

Graduating class members included Jerry Barker, Teresa Barnes, Frances Burres, David Chahoc, Peggy Davis, Robert
Griffin, Patricia Klipstine, Andy McQuaig, Jesse McSwain, John McWhorter, Barbara Marr, Joe Martin, Carrie Lee
Masters, Ruthie Rewis, Neil Stevens, Barbara Simms, Loren Smith, Marylyn Story, Edwin Taylor, Ronnie Taylor, Edward
Thigpen, Jimmy Williams, Elaine Wilson, Juanita Wood, Williard Young and Janice Armstrong.

Also Ann Breese, Jo Ann Clarke, Frankie Farnum, Roland Ferrell, Mary Lou Hicks, Bryan Kinard, Wanda Lane, Annette
Lohrer, Frank McCave, Betty McSwain, Noel Mahr, Paul Matusiak, rober Miller, Danny Mullins, Catherine Noda, Dwight
Ratliff, Mary Raulerson, Michael Solana, Janet Steiner, Charles Sterling, Wayne Stevens, George Taylor, Ricky
Weedman and John Rewis.

The mothers of the graduates sponsored a hamburger, cooked by the fathers, supper at the St. Augustine South home
of Mr. and Mrs. J. P. Williams, following graduation. Served with the hamburgers and trimmings were potato salad and
baked beans, with plenty of cold drinks. Games and dancing to recorded music were enjoyed by the graduates present.

Even Hamblen Alternative Center
Hamblen Elementary School was closed from 1991 until 1993. After extensive renovations, the school reopened as The
Evelyn Hamblen Alternative Center. The center serves eligible students grades 7 to 12 from middle and high schools
throughout the district. The Evelyn Hamblen Center is a voluntary program that offers a non-traditional approach to
education. Smaller classes provide the nurturing environment needed to help students work toward earning a high
school diploma. Students at Hamblen are encouraged to return their home schools when they have accomplished their
goals. Some students remain at Hamblen until they graduate.

Gaines Alternative & Transition Schools at the Evelyn B. Hamblen Center
The school today serves students who have been administratively assinged to the facility as a result of significant
violations of the Student Code of Conduct. The school has a strong emphasis on behavioral intervention and
management with its students.

Transition School
This part of the school provides educational and intense behavioral support services for students identified as emotional
and behaviorally disabled. The school provides intensive mental health counseling, psychiatric and case management
services and an individual academic curriculum to assist students in returning to their regular school.

Evelyn Marie Hamblen
Evelyn Hamblen was a longtime teacher and vice Principal of Public School #1 (Orange Street). She was born in Maine
in 1874.She graduated from the Maine State Normal School in May of 1892.  She started in rural areas then moved to
Aviles school. Miss Evelyn Hamblen headed the Department of Ancient Languages. She would later be elected to
the school board (and have the distinction as the first elected female official in
St. Johns County) and serve as
chairperson until her death on September 17, 1943 when she died in her sleep.
Evelyn Hamblen 6th Grade 1961
Far left - Mrs. McDaniels - Far Right - Superintendent of Schools
W. Douglas Hartley
1st row: Patricia Boulos, Robin Donid??, Abe Pacetti, Shawanda Boyd, Sandra Middleton, Brandon Crosby, Chad
Genovar, Michael Kinas
2nd row: Annette Hires?, Nicole McAllister, Tina DeRossett, Michelle Morris, Aquila Cole, Michael Hornback, Michael
Herring, Michelle Cline, Shefali Patel
3rd row: Cherlyn Brown, Jennie Weldon, Warren (Jay) Taylor, me, Wayne Keller, Drew Kimrey, James ?, Philliip Maxfield,
Chad Lindemoon
3rd Grade 1982 Ms. Coley teacher. — with Dionne Hines, Brandon Crosby, Michael Hornback, Shefali Patel, Abe
Pacetti, Drew Kimrey, Tim Gause, Glenn Jones and Anna Goforth.
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