Pension Bureau Family Circular
Sabe Natteal
May 4, 1898
National Archives - Pension Records
This document is a Bureau of Pensions Circular that was sent to pensioners in 1898 to help gather family information. In this document Sabe Natteal lists his wife
Felicia Natteal with her maiden name of Felicia Bagley. He also lists their marriage by Rev Cataline Simmons on June 15, 1867. He lists his four living children:
Edward Natteal, Hiram Natteal, Carrol Natteal and Gertrude Natteal and their birth dates. The purpose of this document was for future clarification of questions that
may be asked in a widow's or dependent's application. Sabe Natteal was a veteran of the 33rd USCT Company B.
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Henry Clay Evans
Commissioner of Pensions

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