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Family Record from Minerva Mapsen's Family Bible
for Widow's Pension William Morris 33rd USCT

Pension Records
Family Record.
"William Morris married to Minerva Mapson in Putnam County Florida, May, 1857."
"John born June 30th 1857"
"Sarah born April 8th 1861"

I hereby certify that the above is a true copy, of the original entries as found in the family bible of Mrs. Menerva Bythwood; and that I believe them to be a true
& faithful record.

Geo. Newcomb
Magistrate & Clerk
of Probate Court

1. Problems...problems everywhere - The purpose of pension documentation is to get a pension.
2. This is a court copy of a Bible Record.
3. Would Minerva have had a Bible while she was a slave? Could she read? From the widow's pension application we know that she could not write.
4. Who wrote the entries into the family bible?
5. When were the entries written?
6. Do all the entries look like they were written at the same time?
7. What does the statement mean "true and faithful record?" Is he vouching for the copying of the record or the content of the record?

All this being said it may have been a true record. It is the only record besides witness statements that would be made in support of this pension and the
children's pensions.
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