Father Pedro Camps Statue
St. Augustine Florida
Father Pedro Camps was a secular Roman Catholic priest from Mercadal, Minorca. He was a doctor of sacred theology
and an apostolic missionary. He was the son of Francisco and Catarina Herero Camps.

He had served as pastor at the San Martin Church in Mercadal for twelve years before going with Turnbull's colony.  He
traveled with the Turnbull colony to
New Smyrna and accompanied them in their exodus to St. Augustine. In New Smyrna
he established the Church of San Pedro.

In St. Augustine he reestablished the Church of San Pedro on 41 St. George Street (now the St. Photos shrine). The
church sponsored a free school in 1787 with classes taught in Spanish.

At 3 pm on May 19, 1790 Father Camps died in his home at St. Augustine. He was originally buried in Tolomato
cemetery but on May 20, 1800 he is was buried in the
Cathedral. His statue is along side the Cathedral.

Surprisingly Father Camp had included in his property a slave, Josefa, that he bought from Antonio Fernandez. He gave
an appraised value for her in his will but it is unclear what that meant in terms of her freedom after he died.

The records of his congregation are called
The Golden Book of the Minorcans and are part of the Cathedral Parish
records. He baptized 269 persons in the nine years at New Smyrna and 211 more by 1781. During the British years in
St. Augustine he performed 57 marriages.

In May of 1973 Joseph Viladomat of Barcelona Spain was commissioned to sculpt the statue of Father Camps and the
Minorcans. The statue was commissioned and placed in the courtyard of the Cathedral by X. L. Pellicer (Xavier Lopez)  
and Dr. Fernando A. Rubio (Mahon, Minorca) in 1974. The bronze statue weighs a ton.

Joseph Viladomat was born in 1899. He graduated from the Escuela de Bellas Artes de Barcelona. His works include A
Pieta at the Monastery of San Juan de las Abadesas; A Most Holy Virgin,  John the Baptist, St. John Evangelist and St.
Joseph at the Parish of San Juan de las Abadesas; and Santa Eulalia and St. George the patron saints of Barcelona,
Spain in the Queen's Regent's Room of the Barcelona city hall. He died on June 2, 1989 in  Escaldes-Engordany.

The statue was restored by Enzo Torcoletti and Joseph Segal in 2012 in honor of the 450th Anniversary of the founding
of St. Augustine.
Joseph Viladomat
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