Silver Jubilee Flagler Hospital
St. Augustine, Florida
February 27, 1915 and March 2, 1915

St. Augustine Evening Record
Flagler Hospital Silver Jubilee
Citizens and Visitors Invited to be Present Monday.
Woman's Auxiliary Plans Celebration of Twenty-Fifth Anniversary of Institution -- Will Prove Notable Event.

Monday afternoon the Flagler Hospital will be the scene of a social gathering of the citizens and visitors of St. Augustine,
all of whom are cordially invited to celebrate the silver jubilee of that splendid institution, and at which the members of
the Woman's Auxiliary will act as hostesses.

On March first, 1890, just twenty five years ago, the hospital was opened and its steady growth has been evidenced by
the additions which have been necessary from time to time to meet the constant demand made by the ill and suffering
for the expert treatment received within its walls.

Through the benevolence of the late
Henry M. Flagler, a substantial private residence in the southern part of the city
was purchased by him and presented to the General Hospital Association, an organization composed of the prominent
women of St. Augustine who had banded themselves together for the purpose of obtaining and maintaining a general
hospital. Too much commendation cannot be extended to these noble women who worked so hard for this great object
nor to the trustees who have so carefully invested the funds entrusted to them an who have vigilantly protected the
welfare of the institution.

For twenty-five years Dr. Andrew Anderson has been the efficient president of the board of trustees and for many years,
who was on staff of physicians at the hospital. His name will be ever linked with that of the generous donor.

Many Attended Observance of Twenty-fifth Anniversary.
Resolutions of Gratitude and Respect for Dr. Andrew Anderson Adopted -- Many Donations for the Hospital

A delightful reception was held at the Flagler hospital Monday afternoon to commemorate the twenty-fifth birthday of that
excellent institution. Many called during the afternoon and expressed themselves in the most glowing terms of the
hospital and its excellent management. All desiring to see the building were shown through by the nurses who thereby
assisted the auxiliary in the position of hostess of the occasion.

A pleasing diversion during the afternoon was the presentation by G B. Lamar of a framed set of resolutions of gratitude
and respect for Dr. Anderson. The compilation and writing was done by Mr. Lamar at the request of the auxiliary and
was most artistic in every respect. This was accompanied by a little letter from the Woman's Auxiliary prepared by Mrs.
George W. Gibbs. It made an appropriate prelude to the resolutions.

As Donation Day was also being observed at the hospital many took the opportunity to bring or send donations and
soon a large table placed in the nurses sitting room was laden with homemade preserves, groceries, linen, etc. while a
substantial sum of money was dropped late the coffers of the institution. As the hospital faces a long summer when
patients are not numerous these gifts were all the more acceptable.
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