A Treasury of Pictures from the
St. Augustine Historical Preservation and Restoration Association
by Francis Benjamin Johnson
1936 (Page 3)

Library of Congress
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Prince Murat House
St. George St.


(4 pictures)
Notice how signs are covered in the first left photo and cover removed in the
second photos on left
46 Bridge St

Canova-de Medicis House

Dodge House
Slater House
above left and right, left and below
4 Pictures
Fatio House
Ximeniz-Fatio House
20 Aviles

8 Pictures left, above, and below
Sanchez House
Left, left below, below
3 Pictures
Davis Company
3 Aviles
Public Library
5 Aviles
Corner of Charlotte and Greene Streets.
Worth House
General William Jenkins Worth

16 Marine
Oldest School House
St. George Street

Above left, above, left
Government House
left and above
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