Letter about Disbursement problems
Magnolia Hospital
April 11, 1867

Freedmen Bureau Records
J. W. Applegate
Sup in Charge
Magnolia Hospital
Green Cove Springs

Tallahasee, Florida
April 11, 1867


I am just now in receipt of triplicate muster rolls of your Hospital Employees for the month of March. They have recd. the approval of the Surg in Chief and
are in proper form as Sub vouchers for the March paym't.

By reference to Circular No. 1. Jany 11th, 1867 which I enclose, you will find under Art. IV an amendment to paragraph 2 of the Manual, directing these
triplicate muster rolls to be made and forwarded each month. One set is required by the Disbursing officer as a Sub Voucher from each month's pay and is
forwarded to Washington with his account current.

I wish you would therefore cause one set in triplicate made and signed by yourself for Jany and another for February, and forward the same to me and to
Dr. Casson by return mail if possible, as the Dr leaves the Dist. next week.

I cannot furnish you with any blank forms No. 2 as my supply is exhausted.

Mr. Case will have little difficulty however in breaking them properly.

I Enclose one of the March rolls that he may have the benfit of the fruit (?) - Please return the same to me with the others.

Your letter of the 8th inst. is recd. I shall either be down in person and pay employees at the Hospital immediately after receipt of muster rolls or will, as you
suggest, send a check for the accnt in Gross.

I am Very Respectfully
Your Obdt. Servt.
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