Letter for Supplies at the Magnolia Hospital
Magnolia Springs, Florida
January 25, 1867

Freedmen Bureau Records
Robert S Mahoney
Sub Asst. Com
Jacksonville Fla

Office A.A. Q.M. and D. O. Bu. R. F and A. L.
Tallahassee Florida January 25th 1867

I am directed by the Colonel Commdg. Asst. Com. Bu R. F and A. L. to authorize you to purchase the following mentioned articles for the use of the Hospital at

Fifty Lbs Nails - 10d
Fifteen Lbs 5 inch Spike Nails
One Wheelbarrow
One Well bucket
Twenty-five feet 1 inch rope.

Will you please purchase these articles and forward them to Dr. Applegate at Magnolia as soon as practicable and send vouchers for the same signed, to this
office, upon the receipt of which the amount will be forwarded to you at once.

There is also required at the Hospital a Cauldron of from 40 to 60 gallons capacity; will you please ascertain whether a Cauldron of these dimensions can be
procured at Jacksonville, and at what expense, and report the same to this office at the earliest opportunity.

Nothing has yet been heard from you in regard to your visit to Magnolia Asylum in relation to procuring vouchers from the employees.

I am Colonel
Very Respectfully
Your. Oldt Servt.

Lieut 7th Inf. A. A. Q. M. & D. O.
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