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The Freedmen of Savannah
Savannah Education Association
January 1865

AMA 19356
The Freedmen of Savannah

Here are some eight or ten thousand persons who have been transferred from bondage to freedom since the approach
of General Sherman’s grand army.

In general appearance and intelligence they are evidently much above those who come in from the rice and cotton

They have given proof of their intelligence and ability by what they have done among themselves within the past few
days with some little advice from Friends.

Savannah Educational Association
This is the name of an organization just formed by the colored people of Savannah.

It is an association composed of the Pastors, teachers and others for the purpose of establishing free schools for
themselves and their children.

The energy and activity evinced by them in pushing forward this enterprise is truly inspiring, on my arrival in Savannah
on the ninth ult. I found steps had already been taken by the bretheren of the colored churches and others towards the
formation of this ass.

A large and enthusiastic meeting of the people was held the second afternoon in the first African Baptist church. Short
addresses were made at this meeting by Rev. J. W. Alvord Sect of the Boston Tract Society, Rev. James Lynch
Missionary at Port Royal and Rev. W. T. Richardson Supt of Schools for the American Missionary.