Garcia-Dummitt House
St. Francis Inn
279 St. George Street
St. Augustine, Florida

HABS #55 28
Library of Congress
2nd Spanish Period
Data Card: 279 St. George St, at St. Francis St. Coquina masonry and frame; parallelogram: 37'-8 3/4" (four-bay St.
George St. front) x 50'-5 1/2"; two-and-a-half stories, mansard roof, irregular six-room plan. Built 1790's; alterations
1842; mansard roof and other additions 1888.

Street Address:
279 St. George Street at St. Francis Street,
St. Augustine, St, Johns County, Florida

Present Owner:
Mr, and Mrs. Henry L. Konrad, 279 St. George
Street, St. Augustine, Florida

Present Occupant and Present Use: Tourist hotel known as "St. Francis Inn"

Statement of Significance: The house was probably built by Gaspar Garcia between 1791 and 1798 (cf. chain of title
below). In 1&36 the building was bought by Colonel Thomas Henry Dummitt, a wealthy sugar planter from Barbadoes
and New Haven, Connecticut, who was forced to abandon his 3000~acre plantation near New Smyrna due to the
Serainole wars. Colonel Dummitt and his family were the most prominent occupants of the house. General William
Joseph Hardee, a Dummitt brother-in-law, occupied the house during the War between the States. After the war, the
house had a succession of owners and served first as a private boarding house and later as an inn under various

A. Physical History:
1. Original and subsequent owners; 1791-1793
Gaspar Garcia
(Escrituras 1801-1802. East Florida Papers, Library of Congress, Washington, D. C.)

Mateo Guadarrama
op. cit.)
Between Various owners, property was involved in 1798-1824 variety of litigation in transfer to English and subsequent
Spanish claims.

1824- 830
Dirk Fleishman
(St, Johns County Records)
Walter Smith
(St. Johns County Records, Deed Book 1)

1842 Thomas H. Dummitt  
(St. Johns County Records, Deed Book "0," pp. 410-411)

1855 William Hardee
(St. Johns County Records, Deed Book "p," p. 416)

1888 John Wilson
(St. Johns County Records)
Between1888-1925 A. E. Pilgrim and Fred A. Hendrick
(St. Johns County Records)

1925 Thomas A. Graham
(St. Johns County Records)

1950 Ralph G. Moody
(St. Johns County Records)
1954 Henry L. Konrad

(NOTE: All of the above furnished "by Henry L. Konrad.)

2. Date of erection: Probably between 1791-98.
(NOTE: No house appears on the lot in the Mariano de la Rocque Map of 1788.)

3. Architect and builder: Unknown.

4. Original plans: None knownj unlikely of recovery.

5. Notes on alterations and additions; Dummitt rehabilitated the house in 1842 - extent of alterations unknown.
Mansard half-story probably added and interior alterations made probably in 1888.

6. Important old views: None before 1888 when house probably assumed present form.

Sources of Information: Mr. Henry L. Konrad, who has had professional research made of the property.

A. General Statement:
1. Architectural interest and merit: The first two floors of the Garcia-Dummitt House are representative of St. Augustine
domestic architecture of the Second Spanish Period.

2. Condition of fabric: Well maintained.

B. Description of Exterior:
1. Number of stories: Two-and-a-half.

2. Number of "bays: Four bays by five bays (St. Francis Street).

3. Over-all dimensions: 37!-8 3/4" x 50'-5 1/2".

4. Shape: Parallelogram.

5. Foundations: Masonry (coquina) block.

6. Wall construction: First and second floors are constructed of coquina blocks laid in roughly horizontal courses
plastered inside and out. (NOTE: "Coquina" is local shellstone quarried on nearby Anastasia Island and used for
construction in St, Augustine since 1580.)

Mansard half story is wooden framed.

7. Porches: Two wooden balconies at second-floor level; one along garden (north) side supported by turned
wooden posts; one at southwest corner supported on brackets.

8. Chimneys: Three coquina and brick chimneys,

9 - Openings:
a. Doorways and doors: Simple masonry openings with plastered reveals; wooden exterior doors are all replacements of
various types.

b. Windows and shutters: In general; two-over-two, double-hung, wooden sash. (Some one-over-one, double-hung;
wooden sash replacements probably installed when building was extensively remodeled in 1888.)

10. Roof:
a. Shape, covering: Mansard roof with asbestos shingles.
(East elevation wall is flush.)

b. Cornice: Boxed cornice (probably created when mansard floor was added c. 1888),

c. Dormers: Eight frame dormers.

C. Description of Interior:
1. Floor plan: Irregular six-room plan.

2. Stairways: Two wooden stairways: the main flight in entrance hall, and a secondary flight in stair hall.

3. Flooring: All Y/ooden board replacements.

4. Wall and ceiling finish: Plaster.

5. Doorways and doors: All wooden replacements of various types.

6. Trim: Simple unmolded wooden trim or wooden trim with backhand; some late nineteenth-century pilaster trim
with rosette blocks.

7. Hardware: All common late nineteenth-century and twentieth-century replacements.

8. Lighting: Modern electric fixtures.

9. Heating: Central heating.

1. Orientation: Entrance now on north (garden) side -probably originally on south (St. Francis Street).

2. Outbuildings: A small (20' x 29') two-story building in garden to northeast, said to have been slave
quarters during Dummitt occupancy. Later it was used as a kitchen and is now a guest house.

3. Enclosures and landscaping: Walled grass plot and garden on north. Access is from St. George Street.
No formal landscaping. Informal planting, fish pond, etc.

Prepared by Henry C. Edwards
Architect, National Park Service
August 1961
Historic American Buildings Survey
Prime A. Beaudoin, Photographer
September 1961
Garcia-Dummitt House,
279 Saint George Street, Saint Augustine, St. Johns County, FL
Historic American Buildings Survey
Prime A. Beaudoin, Photographer
September 1961
Garcia-Dummitt House,
279 Saint George Street, Saint Augustine, St. Johns County, FL
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