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General Affidavit of Adam Floyd
Veteran of the 33rd USCT
June 19, 1886
Pension Records

General Affidavit.

State of Florida
County of St. Johns

In the matter of the Pension Claim of Adam Floyd.
Priv. "I" 33 U. S. C. T.

Personally came before me, a Clerk of the Circuit Court in and for aforesaid County and State, Adam Floyd --- St. Johns Co. St. Augustine P. O. aged 39

persons of lawful age, who, being duly sworn, declare in relation to the aforesaid case as follows:

My alleged disability has its origin on Colds Island in South Carolina some some time in the later part of 1864.

My disability is located on right side in the neighborhood of my testicals and wherein attacked my internals falls to the lower extreminitiesand I am compeled
to push them back with my hand before I am able to move my alleged disability originated from lifting a 10 x 10 inch sill about 30 feel ong said sill being used
to build foundation for company quarters at Fort Donnelson located on the above named Island myself and three other men lifted said sill from a lighter that
was loaded with lumber for the purpose of building the Company quarters I felt the first effects of my alleged disability while carring (sp) said sill, two days
after that period I was excused from working in the building by my orderly Sergt Samual Moss and put on Guard duty in the Fort. The regimental Physician
was not with the regiment when my alleged disability was contracted, the attacks of my disability its nature was not so severe so much as to disable me from
performing light duty until on march from Augusta to Andersonville and wall hallow, when my disability became so severe that I was unable to travel and my
commanding officer Lt. Furman put me under the treatment of a Confederate Doctor residing at Wall Hollow his name I never learnt and he prounce my
disability to be rupture in right side after Lt. Furman was killed the detachment was then order to Charleston South Carolina It was there I was  put in to the
General Hospital under the Treatment of Doctors Crandle and Doctor Hawkins which doctors treated me for the same disability as the Confederate Doctor
did Rupture of the right side.

I am unable to furnish all the required facts connected with the occurance of my disability for the reason that I am unlearnt and dose not know dates of
month by ? and can only state from recollection and I have tried to furnish the required evidence but have failed in many ? after exhausting every means in
powere, therefore I beg that with this my sworn affidavit and with other evidence already furnished the Department may be consider sufficient by the
Honorable Commissioner of Pension and the settlement of any claim allowed me without unnecessary delay.

Adam (his Mark) Floyd

Two persons who write their names must sign here as witnesses to affiants signature, if he signs by mark.

B. L. Olveros
W. A.  Van Dyke

This statement is in some conflict with the deposition that Adam Floyd would give in 1890 to the Special Examiner and cause further problems.