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General Affidavit of Domingo M. Pappy
for the Pension of Abram Lancaster
Undated stamped by Pension office March 8, 1890
Pension Records

General Affidavit
State of Florida
County of St. Johns

In the matter of Orig. Ind Pension Claim #731812 Abram Lancaster F - 33 - U. S. C. T

Personally came before me a Clerk of Court in and for the aforesaid County and State D. M. Pappy, aged
49 years, who being duly sworn, declares in relation to the aforesaid case, as follows; That he resides at St.
Augustine County of St. Johns and State of Florida and Post Office address is St. Augustine, County of St.
Johns and State of Florida; and that he became acquainted with him all my life, the above named applicant
in the year of ___ also declares that he has known the said Abram Lancaster many years before the late
Rebellion and that he has been a joining nabor prior to his going in the army of the U. S. and that after
returning from the army he has lived in the same naborhood and ward  with the said Abram Lancaster up to
the present time that I further say that ever since the said Abram Lancaster has return from the Army I have
known him to be sick and feable unable to do manly labor and for the most of the time confind to his bed or
room I have often visited him and has always here him complaining of pain in the chest and brest from my
own observation he was in good bodly hetth when he enlisted in the army but is far from being the same
man in helth after his return.

further declares that ____ has no interest in said case, direct or indirect, and is not concerned in its

Domingo M. Pappy

(No witness signatures)

1. Domingo Pappy was a mulatto. He was a gardener and grocer who died in 1936, St. Augustine Florida.
He was a St. Johns County commissioner 1873-1875; St. Johns County tax assessor 1876-1877, St.
Augustine councilman 1877-1878, 1884-1886, 188-189 and St. Augustine tax assessor 1880-1881. (from
Canter Brown, Jr.'s
Florida's Black Public Officials, 1867-1924, University of Alabama Press, 1998.

2. It is probable that he was educated in the schools created by the National Freedmen's Relief or the
American Missionary Association. However he is buried in the Catholic cemetery which may mean that he
was educated by the Sisters of St. Joseph.

3. It appears that he may have taken the General Affidavit himself. There are no witnesses or signing
officials. The spelling is really difficult (although the handwriting is good and the signature is beautiful.
Domingo Pappy grave
San Sebastian Cemetery
St. Augustine FL