General Affidavit of John Williams
for Claim of Abram Lancaster
November 22, 1892
National Archives - Pension Records
This document is the general affidavit of John Williams (alias John Welters) in support of the pension claim of Abram Lancaster given on November 22, 1891. Both Abram Lancaster and John Williams
were members of the 33 USCT Company F. John Williams was the drummer boy for the company. He lived in St. Augustine with Abram before the war and they enlisted together at Camp Saxton in
Beaufort. He saw Abram's accident on July 4th, 1864 in Charleston Harbor. He knew that he was in the hospital for several months.

General Affidavit.

State of Florida, County of
St. Johns, SS:

In the matter of claim of Abraham Lancaster

On this 22 day of Nov. A. D. 892 personally appeared before me a Notary Public in and for the aforesaid County duly authorized to administer oaths, John Williams aged 46 years, Alias John Welters) in
the County of
St. Johns whose Post Office address is St. Augustine well known to me to be reputable and entitled to credit, and who, being duly sworn, declared in relation to aforesaid cas as follows:
Served in the same regiment and Company with Abram Lancaster being Company F, 33 U.S.C.T. I was drummer boy. I knew Abram Lancaster, we both resided at St. Augustine and enlisted at Camp
Saxton. I saw Abram Lancaster the night he got hurt, it was in Charleston Harbor, on July 4th A. D. 1865, is near as I can recollect - the date. it has been so long I may be in error as to the year. I did not
see him again the the regiment for several months after that - date as he was in the Hospital.

The said Abram Lancaster has been living in St. Augustine nearly ever since the War. I have seen him continually and can postively say he is incapicated from earning a living by diseases not the fault of his
vicious Habits. I have every reason to believe he is suffering from rheumatism and breast trouble and that these with other troubles largely come from the injury received by him when a soldier. This affidant
was prepared in my presence, from my own dictation at St. Augustine on thie day of its date by W. W. Dewhurst Esq, and I declare and warrant ? nor prompted by any written nor printed statements nor
recital prepared nor dictated by any other person and further declare that I have no interest in said case and I am not concerned in its prosecution.

W. W. Dewhurst
Thom Williams

John (his mark) Williams

State of Florida, County of St. Johns, ss:

Sworn to and subscribed before me this day by the above-named affiant, and I certify that I read said affidavit to said affiant the said John Williams and acquainted him with its contents before he executed
the same. I further certify that I am in nowise interested in said case, nor am I concerned in its prosecution; and that said affiant is personally known to me and that he is a credible person.

W. W. Dewhurst
Notary Public for the State of Florida
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