General Affidavit of Joshua Hagaman for Widows Pension of
Jane Floyd
wife of Adam Floyd, 33rd USCT
Pension Records
General Affidavit

State of Florida, County of St.Johns

In the matter of Pension Claim of Jane Floyd
widow of late Adam Floyd 33rd USCT

Personally came before me, a Notary Public in and for the aforesaid County and State. Joshua Hagaman, aged about 67 years, citizen of the town of St.
Augustine County of St. Johns, State of Florida well known to me to be reputable and entitled to credit, and who, being duly sworn, declares in relation to
aforesaid case as follows:

Joshua Hagaman upon oath states that he knew Adam Floyd since he was a boy -- That he knew also - The woman he lived with Rhina. But he was never
married to her legally, as he had her in slave times and they were not married., that she died in January 1878 and that Adam Floyd there aftwards married
Jane Floyd his present widow that he was not legally married until he married Jane Gettes, who is now Jane Floyd, his widow.  He further states that late
Adam Floyd was not married to any one after the death of the first woman he lived with until he married Jane Floyd, the present widow. He further declares
that he has no interest in said calaim and is not concerned in its prosecution.

Joshua (his mark) Hagaman

1. Phillip Walkim
2. Paul Desmore

Note. - In the execution of papers and evidence, whenever a person or witness signs by mark (+), two persons who can write must attest the signature by
signing their names opposite.

The official before whom papers are executed is not a competent witness to a mark.

1. By Florida law he could probably be assumed to be married to the first woman Rhina because they lived together after the Florida cutoff date. (
Marriage Rules section on Florida law).

2. It didn't matter if they were married after the first wife died. The problem was Jane Floyd stated in an earlier statement that he was not married.