General Affidavit.
Rev. A. J. Clark
Marriage of Jane Sanchez to John Cook
September 15, 1886
National Archives - Pension Records
This document is the testomony of Rev. A. J. Clark of a wedding between Jane Sanchez to John Cook that was held in Greenland Florida (Duval County) on
September 15, 1886. The witnesses to the marriage were Mrs. Elizabeth Lee, Mr. Wherley Lee, and Beth Liven. Rev. A. J. Cark is listed as the minister of Baptist
Church. Since the pastor was located in Greenland it may be supposed for the location of the church instead of St. Augustine. This document was used in the pension
records of Simon Sanchez 33rd USCT Company F to help trace the evolution of Jane's last name for the pension of her children by Simon Sanchez.

General Affidavit.
State of Florida
County of
St. John

In the matter of claim for Jane Cook Guardian Minors of Simeon Sanchez Co F 33d USCT 473551

Personally came before me, a clerk of the court in and for aforesaid County and State, Florida, A. J. Clark, aged 57 years residing at Greenland, County of Duval,
State of Florida who, being duly sworn, declare in relation to the aforesaid case as follows: I am the minister that preform the Ceremony of the marriage of John Cook
and Jane Sanchez September 15 18856 witness Mrs. Elizabeth Lee Mr. Harley Lee. Both live at Greenland Fla. Duval Co this Affidavit made my me my own hand

I further declare that I have no interest in said case, and I am not concerned in its presentation.

B. Houston
Name of one witness to x mark

A. J. Clark
Minister of Baptist Church
Signature of Affiant, or of each Affiant.
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