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Appeal - The Freedmen of Georgia
General Rufus Saxton
January 6, 1865

The Freedmen's Record, February 1865

THE appeal below was published, as soon as it arrived, in most of our city papers.

Good Men and Women of the North: —

We earnestly appeal to you on behalf of the thousands of suffering negroes whom Gen. Sherman has just liberated
by his triumphant march through

Wherever he has borne our flag, they have hastened to follow it, with simple faith in the truth of the Government and
the charity of the nation. They have arrived at the coast after long marches and severe privations, weary, famished,
sick, and almost naked. Seven hundred of these wretched people arrived at Beaufort, Christmas night, in a state of
misery which would have moved to pity a heart of stone; and these are but the advance of a host no less destitute.

The stores of the Government, already overtaxed to supply a large army, are not available to relieve their wants; and,
unless the charity of the North comes speedily to the rescue, they must die by hundreds from exposure and disease.

So extreme and entire is the destitution of this people that nothing which you can afford to give ill come amiss.
Clothing is their most pressing need, especially for women and children, who cannot wear the cast-off garments of
soldiers. Shoes and stockings, hats, suspenders, and undergarments of all kinds are hardly less necessary in this
climate than in the North. Utensils, medicines, money, — any thing you have to spare,— will find its use among this
wretched people. The several Freedmen's Aid Societies at the North are proper and sufficient channels for your
beneficence. We pray you, for the sake of suffering humanity, let them be speedily and abundantly filled

BEAUFORT, S. C., Jan. 6,1865.

Signed by —
Rufus Saxton, Brigadier General and Military Governor of South Carolina; H. G. Judd, Superintendent of Freedmen:
George Newcomb, Superintendent of Schools for the N. F. R. Ass. of N. Y.; S. Peck, Pastor of Baptist Church in
Beaufort; J. W. Alvord, Sec'y Am. Tract Soc, Boston; Wm. Henry Brisbane, U.S. Tax Commissioner for S. C.; Reuben
Tomlinson, Supt. of Freedmen; Samuel L. Harris, Port Chaplain and Army Missionary;
Wm. T. Richardson, Missionary
and Supt. of Am. Miss. Ass.; James P. Blake and James H. Crosby, of the New-England Freedmen's Aid Society.

Seven thousand dollars have been received by Rev. John Parkman, No. 8, Studio Building, in answer to this appeal;
but they are insufficient to meet the demands of the case. We entreat those who read this to send whatever of money
they can afford, to the person and place just mentioned, and stores and packages to Messrs. Wellington, Bre., & Co.,
103, Devonshire Street, who kindly act as agents of this Society. "Good men and women of the North," help us to help
these destitute creatures, and speedily, too; for, though six thousand of these negroes are probably to be established
on Edisto Island (a scheme having been already drawn up for the colony), many will never live to be colonized, unless
something is done, and that speedily, to save them from perishing with want.

The Executive Committee
of the
New England Freedmen's Aid Society
General and Military Governor Rufus Saxton
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