Geographic File - Florida - St. Augustine

Library of Congress General collection
St. Augustine, Florida, interior, Whitney's, oldest house in U.S.
Date Created/Published: c1904.
Oldest house in the United States, built by the Spanish about 1564,
St. Augustine, Florida
Date Created/Published: New York : Underwood & Underwood, c1905.
A quaint old Spanish-American street in St. Augustine, Florida
Date Created/Published: c1907 Jan. 7.
Medium: 1 photographic print on stereo card : stereograph.
Geographic File filing series (Library of Congress)
Date Created/Published: 1880-1950, bulk 1880-1930.
Medium: ca. 38,300 items, chiefly photographic and photomechanical prints.
Summary: Photographs show structures, cities & towns, countrysides, and people, among
other geographically related subjects. In the FOREIGN GEOG FILE the countries of
England, France, Germany and Italy are heavily represented. In the U.S. GEOG FILE,
California, Massachusetts, New York, particularly New York City, and Virginia are the most
heavily represented. The U.S. GEOG FILE -- WASHINGTON, D.C. has extensive coverage
of life in the capital with structures, particularly the U.S. Capitol Building and the Library of
Congress, well represented. A variety of general subjects such as geographic features,
monuments & memorials, organizations, and industries are represented.
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