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Merkersons Have Reunion (January 27, 1979)
The Merkerson family of Hastings held its first family reunion at Gethsemane Missionary Baptist Church, Hastings,
recently when 72 family members gathered for this momentous day.

A Special Program, beginning at 6 p.m., including musical selections, devotions, guest speakers and sermons.

Among those presenting solos, duets and other musical offerings were Mrs. Janet Lichter, a special guest, and Mrs.
Carletha Merkerson, Girreadux and Carusha Jones, Raphael Merkerson, Tedra and Todra Andersson, The Mersons
Brothers, and Mrs. Sylvester Merkerson, and the junior choir of the church and the Gethsemane senior choir.

Addressing the congregation were the church pastor, Rev. Jeremiah Steward, Elder Thomas Cave, and several longtime

Many others of the family participated in the rpogram and a special tribute was paid several who have died. These
included Mr. and Mrs. John (Idelia) Merkerson, Ira J. Merkerson Sr., Mrs. Bunnie Merkerson Jr., Mable Merkerson, and
Kennety Boyton.
Rev. and Mrs. Jeremiah Steward
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