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Documents of the Freedmens Bureau
Glebe Street Presbyterian Church
Charleston, South Carolina

AMA (no number)

Take Notice
That by Military Authority in this city, the Glebe Street Presbyterian Church building, situated between St. Philip and
Coming George and Wentworth streets, will be open for divine services on and after the Sabbath of July 20, 1865, for
the benefit of the enlisted men of the 54th Massachusetts Volunteers, and for freedmen and others. As soon as
practicable, a Church will be organized.

Christian persons so disposed, may have their names enrolled with the view of becoming members of said organization.
The public attendance is invited.

A Sabbath School will be immediately commenced, and continued under the superintendency of Mr. Thos. W. Cardozo,
at said Church, opening its sessions at 9 a.m. every Sabbath.

Other meetings for prayer and preaching, or lectures, will be held during the week, as notice may be given.

Services on the Sabbath, will commence at 10 ½ a.m. and at 4 p.m., conducted by Rev. E. J. Adams of Newark (N. J. )
Presbytery, and Missionary under the auspices of the A. M. Association to Freedmen in South Carolina.