Hastings High School
Hastings, Florida

Mediterranean Revival Post-1920
This picture represents Hastings High School use today at a multi governmental building.
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School Board Timeline
11- 01 -21
Warrants issued by Board of Public Instruction to borrow money to acquire site and build school in Hastings
and St. Augustine.

Petition received from citizens of Hastings relative purchase of land for school. T. R. Byrd authorized to
negotiate with property owners relative purchase of land for school site.

Adopted Resolution providing for insurance and sale of $130,000.00 bonds for purpose of building school at
Hastings and St. Augustine and for repairs to St. Augustine High.

Resolution adoped establishing a Special Tax School District; refers to Hastings School as follows:

In acquiring lot for building site for Hish and Grammar School building at Hastings; sum of $5,000.00;
For constructing said High and Grammar School; sum of $5,000.00;
For furnishing Said: $12,500.00

Member N. J. Adams reported that in order to secure an option on the school site for the Hastings School it
would be necessary to make a payment on the lot. N. J. Adams made motion that School Board purchase
the 10 acre lot known as the Dupont lot owned by J. V. Walton for $3,600.00; further, Board to pay taxes
held against said lot and pay J. V. Walton $250.00 as part payment and option on said lot. the balance to be
paid as soon as money received for such purposes from sale of bonds. Motion carried.

Motion made, seconded and carried to pay Putnam National Bank $1,200.00 as partial payment on school
lot as soon as bond money available.

Architect F. A. Henderichs submitted plans for both a one story and two story building. Hastings School
Improvement Association to view plans.

Joint meeting of Board of Public Instruction and Trustees of Special Tax School District #1;
Present: School Board Members
Chair Evelyn Hamblin, J. J. Adams
Present: Trustees
Mrs. Herbert Felkel; Chair and Jim Campbell

Drawings of school submitted and recommended to Board of Public Instruction by Board of Trustees.

Motion made by N. J. Adams, seconded and passed to approve drawings and request architect to furnish
necessary plans and specs for construction to come withing amount appropriated for the construction of a
school building in Hastings in order that bids may be asked.

Superintendent warrant be drawn for J. V. Walton; $3,476.38 paying for land.

Plans and specs received and approved from Architect F. A. Henderich.

Refers to consolidating Byrd and E. Hastings Schools with Hastings School so all could occupy new building
at first of year.

Motion carried to purchase 3 school buses for new Hastings School: Reo Bus Chassis from Union School

New Drivers hired: J. W. Beach; Spuds Section, G. Yelvington; Byrd Section, C. R. Adams; East Hastings.
Drivers to furnish oil and gas and be paid $80 per month.

Lists recommendations as to regulations relative use of auditorium in school

Principal F. B.  Lindsay presented rules and regulations governing school; approved.

Original flag pole purchased from Union School Furnishings Company.

Thought best to continue Elkton School and possibly consolidate with new Hastings School in a year.

Bids on building: $78,950
Builder: O. P. Woodcock
Bids on heating school: $5,980.00, J. D. Points and Company

Bill for electric fixtures for new school ordered paid - $1,045.30

Bids on addition (incl. heating) - Eau Gallie Construction Co. - $28,459.00.

Fire stairs authorized at $550.00.

Board voted to buy 9.53 acres adjoining school on west for $8,500.00 from Powell Hardin.

Bids on re-roofing - J. L. Manucy - $8,500.00

Bids on shower and dressing room building - E. J. Lesher - $22,487

Guttering and tiling - $616.00 - James Manucy

Bids on kitchen addition - Copps Construction Co. - $17,740.00

Quit Claim Deed given to Town of Hastings on "strip of ground on the north side of the Hastings site."

Bids on heating system and storage room - A. D. Davis - $26,229.45

Bids on athletic facilities (gym and band room) - Wesley of Florida - $135,547.00

Bids on bleachers and backstops for gym - John M. wimer & Assoc, $7,070.00

Removation science rooms - NDEA - bid of A. D. Davis for $8,078.00 accepted.

Where children previously attended classes: Byrd School School #14; East Hastings School #11; Elkton
School #29.

Geographic area served by Hastings High School: Hastings, Elkton, Yelvington, Spuds portions of Racy
Point and Riverdale.

Years in service 1925 through 1984 school term

Hastings to Have Modern High School (St. Augustine Evening Record April 15, 1924)
Structure is Handsome and will be along Spanish lines of Architecture
Fred A. Henderich Has Drawn Plans
Construction will Begin About May 1st and will be rushed
Hastings new handsome high and graded school building a picture of which is shown in connection with this
article, is a splendid example of the modern and convenient school structures, and the picturesque in
architecture. Work on the new building it is expected will commence on May 1, the board of public
instruction now advertising for bids, and construction will be pushed through the summer and fall with the
hope of having it ready by the end of December.

The location of the building is a beautiful 10 acre site in the town of Hastings, which the board of public
instruction has been fortunate enough to secure at a reasonable figure.

With a frontage of 268 feet by 116 feet deep; the building will contain twenty rooms, including twelve
standard class rooms, laboratories, domestic science department, study hall, offices and in accordance with
the latest health precepts, a cafeteria, where but food may be served when desirable. The plans call for the
equipping of the rest rooms and toilets is most modern and  sanitary manners.

The auditorium is in the rear of the center section, and will accommodate 650. The stage, dressing rooms and
stage entrance, also general exits are arranged with the thoughts of comfort, convenience and safety. The
floor of the auditorium is level and this with removable seat, will admit of its use for gatherings of various

The building will be heated by hot water and lighted by electricity.

Classrooms have cloak rooms accessible only from the class rooms, and containing a locker for the class
library and supplies.

A court is formed on each side of the center, and there are typical mission cloisters on the two sides of each

The exterior finish will be of the coquina shell stucco so successfully used for some years past by the
architect, Fred A. Henderich and noted on some of the handsomest buildings in St. Augustine. This buff
stucco finish will be relieved by stone trimmings and wrought iron.

The exterior will be tile roof, will be decidedly Spanish and will be good to look at being constructed on
graceful and beautiful lines.

In detail the fitting up of the interior is along lines efficiency and economy, both of maintenance and operation
Architect Henderich states.

From the St. Augustine Evening Record May 28, 1924
For the Hastings school, which will cost $90,000, a beautiful 10-acre site has been secured in an ideal
location in the heart of the town. Architect Fred A Henderich has designed a building of the Spanish type
outside using the coquina shell stucco and tile roof., and trimmings of wrought iron with beautiful effect.
However the inside of the building are both designed with the main thought of efficiency and economy inside,
and the arrangements are to be modern in every way. The Woodcock Construction Company will build the
Hastings school and the work has already begun. It will be ready for use about January first.

Hastings High Will Be Finished About December 15  (St. Augustine Evening Record 11/10/24)The
handsome new high school building in Hastings is to be completed by December 15, according to a story
appearing in the last issue of the Hastings Harald. When the building is officially completed, arrangements will
be made for an appropriate public program, when members of the St. Johns county board of public
instruction will be invited to be present. An outside orator of note will be invited to deliver the educational
address. Appointed as a committee to plan the program are Prof. Frank R. Lindsay, Mrs. H. A. Wyttys, S.
A. Minton, Mrs. George V. Leonard, and M. E. Brewster. The school improvement association at a meeting
of which plans for this celebration were made, discussed the grading and beautifying of the grounds about the
new building.

A Perfect Record (Sunday Record June 13, 1926)
Ellen Hart, one of the graduates of the Hastings high school has a perfect school attendance record, covering
twelve years, during which she has not missed a single day at school.

Miss Hart is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Hart and has always resided several miles out from the school. In
1914 she started in school, and every school day for 12 years she answered "Present" when the roll was
called. For four year the young lady walked four miles to school, through rain and shine. In addition to the
remarkable attendance record, she made a perfect scholar.

Many citizens are signing a petition to the board of public instruction asking the board to present Miss Hart
with a gold medal for her perfect attendance record, and in all probability the medal will be awarded. This
record is a feat that is rarely equalled and cannot be surpassed -- deserving of much credit.

Miss Hart expects to leave for Gainesville within a few days and will take the summer course for teachers
and expects to become a school teacher this fall.

County Engineer Finishes Up School's Drive (The Hastings Herald, October 4, 1929)
C. Samuel Johnson, county engineer, with a crew of county convicts spent Tuesday and Wednesday here
applying a sheet asphalt surface to the driveway at the Hastings school.

County Commissioner I. A. Braswell was instrumental in having this work done. Shortly before the school
opened, Supt. G. G. Oldfather brought the matter to Mr. Braswell's attention and as a representative of the
school board, Mr. Oldfather offered to furnish the material if the county would do the work. Mr. Braswell
put the proposition before the board at a recent meeting whereupon it was approved and the job has been
finished in first class shape.

Mr. Braswell is also having a number of the lateral roads in his district scraped and put into good shape. The
excessive rains during the past few months has damaged the dirt roads considerably but Mr. Braswell stated
Wednesday that these roads would be put into good condition as fast as possible.

High School Notes (The Hastings Herald, October 11, 1929)
The school library is swiftly regulating itself udner the supervision of Prof. Crookshank.

The following librarians have been selected:
First Period---Pearl Elliott
Second Period---Amelia Hough
Third Period---Netha Campbell
Fourth Period---Rachel Curtis
Fifth Period---Clarice Johnson.
Sixth Period---Marion Brocklehurst.

It was found that the library contains over 1200 volumes.

Dr. Smith, county school dental clinic, and Miss Holst, of the St. Johns Welfare Federation, spent several
days at school in dental inspection. A slip of paper showing the condition of his teeth was given to each child
in school.

Commercial Work
The five special students who have enrolled and are paying a tuition of five dollars per month to the county
for their course are: Mrs. Anderson, Mrs. Davis, Mrs. Moss, Mrs. Wood, and Mrs. Mattox.

The number of pupils enrolled in the different commercial departments are: Bookkeeping, 1---18;
Bookkeeping 2 --- 6; Shorthand, 1---21; Shorthand Dictation, 9; Typewriting, 39.

The editorial staff has been fully organized to their respective duties. They are as follows:
Jean Bowles---Editor-in-Chief.
Rachel Curtis---Associate Editor.
Clarice Johnson---Sports Reporter.
Ruth Campbell, Marion Brocklehurst---Club Reporters.
Mary Kinsey---Jokes and Advertising.

The above mentioned staff will make every effort to make the School Notes interesting.

High School Notes (The Hastings Herald, October 18, 1929)
Through the kindness of Mr. Pierson and Mr. Hunt, the boys are being taught the fine points of football.
About twenty-four boys have been reporting in the afternoons for practice. This training and experience will
probably prepare the boys to become members of a regular team next year.

The organization of the Glee Club has been completed. Under the leadership of Miss Chapman we expect to
have a very successful year. The following are members: Marian Brockiehurst, Netha Campbell, Zella
Stevens, Merle Mipams, Ola Martin, Francis McElveen, Ruth Campbell, Dorothy Yelvingston, Clareice
Johnson, Louise Brubaker, Katie Smith, Martha Middleton, Ethel Robshaw, Lois McKinney, Carl Weigal,
Jennings Minton, G. W. Leonard, Richard Hrey, Virgil Mathis, N. D. Killingsworth, onald Hough, William
Sellers, Gilbert Kuter, Kenneth McKinney, Frank Robshaw, Warren Stevens, John Smith.

The dental work has been started by the county dentist, Dr. Smith. He has arranged to see the pupils in
groups of eleven.

High School Notes (The Hastings Herald, October 25, 1929)
Miss Reinhardt entertained the mothers of her pupils in her class room Friday morning from 9 o'clock until
11. There was demonstration work in Reading, Writing, and Arithmetic. An attractive feature of the program
was an Indian project given by the tiny tots. The children sang many clever animal songs that showed careful
training. Mrs. Z. J. Roberts was elected "Room Mother" and she is to aid in any way she can throughout the
year. Pink lemonade and wafers were served by members of the grade. A portable victrola furnished music
while the refreshments were being served. Visits from mothers bring about a close contact between the
parent and teacher which is very essential to the success of a school.

School Reopens January 3 with Good Prospects (The Hastings Herald, December 30, 1927)
Children and Teachers Enjoy Rest.
New Addition
Eight-Room Addition is Going Up Rapidly -- Big Enrollment.

Following ten days vacation for Christmas, all grades in the Hastings school, will open Tuesday morning at
8:30 for the spring term. Every member of the faculty, except one will be on hand for the opening day and it
is urged that every student be present the first day. Miss Minnie Morrison, one of the first grade teachers,
tendered her resignation shortly before the holidays. Her successor has not been made been made public as

The fall term of school has been marked by a large attendance and a most successful term, and it is expected
even better work will be accomplished during the remaining months of the presnet term.

Work is progressing rapidly, on the new eight room addition to the present building. When this workis
completed, Hastings will have one of the most modern school plants in the state, and perhaps the best of any
town of the size in the state, if not in the entire South. The presnet building with the addition, equipment, etc.,
will represent as investemnt of more than $150,000. The school employs fifteen to sixteen teachers and is
modern in every respect. It is an A-1 accredited school, which means that it ranks as high as any public
school in the state.

Great care has been exercised by officials in selecting the faculty and it is doubtful if another school can be
found with a faculty of such high standing as the faculty of the local school. Only one department remains to
be added to make the school one of the most modern is the country. There is a demand for a combined
music and elecution teacher in the school. Many patrons trust that the officials will see fit to employ such a
teacher another year.

Plans Made for Vocational Work at Hastings High School
Is Without Additional Expense to the County
St. Augustine Evening Record, August 22, 1933

Plans are completed for a department of vocational training to be added to the Hastings High School for the
coming year with no additional expense to the county, D. D. Corbett, superintendent of public instruction

Superintendent Corbett stated that the department will be under the supervision of Joe Norfleet, a member of
the Hastings High School faculty, and arrangements have been made for additional expenses incurred to be
cared for by state and federal funds. "Hastings people are most fortunate in having this department added
and in having Mr. Norfleet as the director," Superintendent Corbett declared, stating that Mr. Norfleet would
be in Hastings the year round.

Relative to the opening of the schools, the superintendent stated that preparations were going forward to
have everything in readiness. Already the grounds at each school have been cleared, and some places filled
in, the work being done by unemployment relief workers, under the Federal Relief Council, of which Mr.
Corbett is a member of the Work Committee. This improvement to the school properties was also obtained
without expense to the schools.
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Hastings High School Band  December, 1969
Final homecoming at Hastings slated (St. Augustine Record, November 6, 1984)
Hastings High School is celebrating its last homecoming this week with the theme"Burn the Dragons."

The Wildcats will play the Florida School for the Deaf and Blind in the homecoming game Friday at 9 p.m. at
Bailey Field.

Other homecoming activities include the coronation of the homecoming queen and Miss Hastings High
School Thursday at 7:30 p.m. in the high school gymnasium and a parade down Main Street Friday at noon.

Senior Janice Hayward was voted Miss Homecoming by the student body in October. She will be attended
by Dariieha Baker and Fonda Renfroe, also twelth graders.

Miss Hastings High School is eleventh grader Kim Blacksheer, who will be attended by her classmates
Davia Wesley and Tammie Evans.

The honorees will ride on a float in the parade, joining floats from Hastings High School clubs and
organizations including Beta Club, Future Business Leaders of America, the student council, Interact, Future
Homemakers of America and the Booster Club.

The guest band marching in the parade will be from Allen Nease Junior-Senior High School

Hastings Elementary School will also participate in the Wildcats' homecoming parade, with their entries
featuring the theme "60 Years in Education." The elementary school will close after this year.

The elementary school will have two cars -- a Model T and a new car -- in the parade. Superintendent
Douglas Hartley and Superintendent-elect Ottis Mason will ride in the cars.

Also, Miss Hastings Elementary, who will be chosen from by students in grades four through six, and Miss
Firebird, who will be from grades one through three, will participate in the parade. And the elementary patrol
and majorettes will march in the parade.

Other activities at the high school this week include a pep rally Thursday afternoon around 2:15 and a
barbecue for lunch Friday before the parade.

Today was T-shirt and hat day, and this afternoon a talent show was planned. Wednesday the school will
host a boys basketball game.

Hastings delegation tries to keep high school (The St. Augustine Record, November 15, 1984) by
Julie Howard.
Several Hastings residents, including five students from Hastings High School, appeared before the St. Johns
County School Board Wednesday objecting to its decision to close the school, and one resident asked them
to rescind the decision.

Ed Singleton, president of the Hastings' Citizens' Action Committee, said Hastings residents want the school
board "to reconsider" closing the school.

Singleton and other residents contended that the students are getting a good education, pointing out that
numerous former students won scholarships and have earned master's and doctorate degrees.

Students, including Ricky Pittman and football players Terry Taylor, Len Childs and Mark Fuller, said they
want to stay at Hastings and noted they have lots of school spirit.

"I had to work hard to get on the football team," said Childs, the smallest player on the team. "It's hard
getting hit on by these fellows, but I take it because I want to be a Wildcat."

"Our pride is in Hastings." added Fuller. "I don't think it's right for you to take that from us."

One said, "We can't have spirit in St. Augustine."

Pittman pointed out the state gives counties extra revenue called sparsity funds for schools that do not
generate enough money by their student populations through full-time equivalent student funds.

But David Toner, school finance director, said all the sparsity funds allocated to St. Johns, less than
$200,000 are already being used for Hastings, in addition to the FTE funds the school does generate.

Pittman and Margaret Hubert, a mother, objected to getting up earlier to ride the bus some 25 to 30 miles to
St. Augustine, saying they would have to set their alarms for 5 or 5:30 a.m.

"It's hard on working parents who have to get up and prepare the students to go to school," said Mrs.
Hubert, adding the students are going to sleep on the bus and will not have time to study after school.

Recently the board voted unanimously to close Hastings High School, saying the school could not provide all
the programs being required by the state for the less than 200 students.

Principal Ethel McNeil said previously that some instructors are teaching five different courses a day to try to
meet state mandated requirements.

Demolition staved off again
Hastings residents band together, raise $5,000 in minutes
(by Franceska Hanley)
The Hastings community stalled the demolition of their old high school - once again - when they
spontaneously banded together to raise $5,000 on Wednesday night.

Faced with the reality of demolition equipment on site, members of the community gathered at the 70
year-old school around 8 p.m. to convince the wrecking company to delay.

"You know, people break into their old piggy bank when something is a good cause. They will find a way to
get the money." said County Commissioner Moses "Coach" Floyd, who was at the school Wednesday night.

The $5,000 raised for the project came from individuals in the Hastings High School Alumni Association, a
group which previously donated $2,500 to delay the demolition a few weeks ago.

One of the concerned residents is Wesley Smith, who graduated in 1957. He said he realized "it's the 11th
hour, the 59th minute and 59th second" as far as saving the old school is concerned. The high school is
important for the town's future, he said.

"It's something that I think will really get the community going again with an annex for the county sheriff and
things." he said. "It's something that has potential."

Floyd said that the county commissioners have made a "commitment to do something for the community."
However, County Commissioner Allan Roberts said despite that commitment, the first hurdle for the alumni
to jump is the School Board's.

"What's next is determining what it would take for the School Board to be willing to deed the building to the
county," said Roberts. "That's where we are at now to see if we can meet some of their concerns.

The School Board's attorney is detailing those concerns for the Board of County Commissioners said School
Board Chairman Sharon Hartsell. Mrs. Hartsell said she will request the School Board take action on this at
the next scheduled meeting on Tuesday at 40 Orange St.

Terry Pacetti, a graduate of the high school, said he and the other alumni members hope the two boards can
get together with "an acceptable transfer of the property to the county."

"In the meantime," Pacetti continued. "all of the other statements about use and cost are just conjecture."

Contractually speaking, the two boards have three weeks to come up with a settlement, according to Andy
Senesac, vice President of Realco Wrecking, the contracted company.

"I couldn't let the reprieve extend any longer than that," said Senesac. "If nothing happens in three weeks,
obviously I am under contract, and the building does need to be torn down."

Senesac also said he agreed to the delay because of the "emotions involved."

It would be hard for me to say "No, get out of the way we're tearing the building down." he said.

Pacetti also said he is touched by the emotions evoked by the school.

"Wednesday night was really something to watch," he said. "What this is doing is really uniting the
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