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Steward Tapped for Program

An early admissions student at the University of Florida from Hastings High School has been
selected as a candidate for the 1978 Presidential Scholars Program.

Jeremiah Stewart, the son of the Rev. and Mrs. Jeremiah Steward of Hastings, is one of 750
students from across the United States bieng considered for the prestigious scholastic honor.
He is the first such candidate to be anmed from St. Johns County.

Steward entered the University of Florida in a pre-med program in the fall of 1977 under the
early admissions program.

While attending Hastings High, he was a member of the Beta Club, with a nearly 4.0 grade point
average, and was active in the Student Council. In the summer of 1976, he attended the
university on a special science grant awarded to outstanding science students.

The final selection of the 1978 Presidental Scholars will be made in mid-April, and the number of
students chosen will be limited to 121 of the 750 students under consideration.

The initial selection of candidates is based on the Scholastic Aptitude Test (SAT) of the College
Board and other pre-college testing programs.
Rev. and Mrs. Jeremiah Steward
Index: Rev. M. M. Young, Mt. Zion A. M. E. Church, Eva Merkerson, Agnes Etta Williams,
Professor W. E. Harris, Willie Mae Rhodes, Dr. J. R. E. Lee, H. H. Williams, C. G. Oldfather,
Edward Boynton, Ethel Henry, Barbara Lee Jackson, Idella Jenkins, Dazalia Cook Kelly, Caretha
Moore, Eva Merkerson, Willie Mae Rhodes, Agnes Etta Williams, W. E. Harris, Mabel Merkerson,
Ann Jones, Ethel McNeil, Halver A. Stedman, James G. Campbell Sr., Rev. T. L. Holtz, Elder
Thomas Cave, Rev. Walter Busby, Halver A. Stedman, Bernard Scott, Jack Van Brederode,
Clarence Blalock, Halver A. Stedman, Rev. Levy Lennon, Mr. Halver A. Stedman, Brandon
Dewilda Cave, Gail Darlene Prevatt, Merodie Ann Kurtz, Mabel Merkerson, W. Douglas Harley,
Andrew Keith Merkerson, James G. Campbell, Rev. Jeremiah Steward,  Bernard Scott, Jack Van
Brederode, Clarence Blalock, Linda Gale Appling, Merodie Ann Kurtz, Otelia Sharletha Arnold,
James David Masters, Sandra Jane Baker, Andrew Keith Merkerson, John Edward Bartlett,
Sharon Bernadette Middlebrook, James Martin Bassa, Sandy Cornellius Murry III, Jimmie Braxton,
Gloria Jean Parler, Thomas Franklin Brooks, Isaiah James Pates, Herbert Allen Cain, Gail
Darlene Prevatt, Georgia Ann Calloway, Margaret Elizabeth Peeples, Brandon Dewilda Cave,
Algeria Peterson, William Wayne Clymer, Cheryl Vanessa Robinson, Lamar Murphy Cohen,
Evelyn Yvonne Robinson, Thomas Kendell Cook, Jaunita Ross, Arlene Cue, Virginia Singleton,
John Jaspar Evens, Kenneth Wendell Smith, Ronnie Lorenzo Fenderson, Deborah Lynn Solano,
Carl Cornelius Floyd, Florita Lanell Spaulding, Samuel Augustus Floyd, Melvin John Steward,
Mary Lois Frazier, Debra Ann Thigpen, Gregory Allen Godwin, Josephine Arletha Tolbert, Harriet
Yvonne Hayward, Tony Jerome Wesley, Carl Andrew Jackson, Debra Lou White, Lucretia Ann
Jackson, Clayance Ty Whitfield, Paul Jackson Jr., Lona Felecia Williams, Charles Teddy Johns,
Isaac Willis Jr, Michael Ray Kinard, Izeal Willis Jr.
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Making Good Progress on Negro School Bldg. (The Hastings Herald, December 30, 1927)
The contractor is making rapid progress on the construction of the new negro school building which will contain 12
rooms and an auditorium. The building will bne modern in every respect, and is much needed here as there are in the
neighborhood of 500 negro students enrolled for public school.

Hastings Colored Vocational School Has Exercises (St. Augustine Record, April 15, 1951)
The harvest season is just beginning in the Hastings area.

The farmers are facing an acute labor shortage. In order to cooperate with the farmers and the parents, garduation
exercises of the Hastings Vocational School will be held today, April 15, at 4:00 p.m. in
Gethsemane Baptist Church.

Music will be furnished by the high school choral class. There will be a panel discussion by the honor students of the
graduating class. The commencement address will be delivered by Dr. George W. Gore, Jr., president of Florida A. & M
College, Tallahassee.

The faculty and the graduating class extend a cordial invitation to all patrons and friends to be present for these

A special section will be reserved for white friends.
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