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H. H. Hunter to Rev. M. E. Striby
May 6, 1865

AMA H5604
Charleston S. Carolina
May 6th, 1865
Rev. M. E. Striby Br John W.
New York

Very Revd Brother in Christ

You will excuse my long or seemingly long silence as I wished to become settled before waiting. We were anxious to
have our association represented at Edisto Island (He means Rev. W. T. Richardson and self) Here there 2 n? and
waited quite some time to see
Bvt. Major Gen Saxton after having two interviews with the Gen. We thought it
impractable to attempt anything on the Island (Edisto) I came to Charleston and everything was rather in doubt and
uncertainty – But the Lord keepth all that trust in him. Our Superintendent of Public Instruction James Redpath, Esq
made a very unchristian obnoxious rule not to allow any Teacher or Teachers to pray at opening of school – all the
Teachers persevered in doing what they thought to be their duty—and they were blessed of God – for the rule was
rescinded Became a dead letter without anyone contesting it only by not paying attention to it. Our schools in
Charleston are very interesting we are getting along nicely – We are in a very prosperious condition and I believe we
have more that good cause to believe the Good Work is just only begun. I look at the condition of affairs – the
Vastness – Magnitude of the Work and ask who is able to do hiws whole duty. Who is able for the Great work of
bringing these people to the standard of man and woman hood – My dear Bro – You, now have  any idea of the Great
Work that must be done. Except you go from House to House to see and know for yourself the needs wants necessities
of the Freedmen – There are many on the plantations they are but setps above above the “Beaste Creation” Only I
iknow God is able for all States – conditions of mankind I would say noe are able for the wor. But I thank God that we
see day breaking – see things seem to conspire to assist us in the Great Work that is before us and we are
constrained to say with many others – “God is the Refuge of his people.” Hoping my dear sir that God may spare you
many long years to do his will in furthering the cause of Christ in Ameliorating the Condition of those but lately freed.

Believe me as ever yours in a common faith in Christ and Coworker for his Kingdom. H. H. Hunter.
James Redpath
Charleston Superintendent of Education
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