Floridan and Journal (December 14, 1850)
Report on Schools and Colleges.....
The cause of Education is too vitally important to be suffered to remain longer in its present condition in our State, for
want of this aid.

By this returns above alluded to, it appears that of this 9,960 children, there wer of those who ..... St. Johns County 108
can read only, 235 can read and write, 110 cannot read or write, and total 453.

The County Commissioners are now limited in the amount to be raised by tax to double the amount received from the

Should, then; the County Commissioners raise by taxation, the full amount allowed thm there will be, by this means, six
dollars raised annually for the enducation of each child.

The amount which will be required from the State Treasury is small, compared to what is appropriated for school
purposes in many other States. It is not more than we can well spare in so good a cause.

The necessity for action is urgent. But little hope is there of our maintaining inviolate our cherished institutions, or
checking the tide of fanaticism, if we suffer our youth to grow up in ignorance, unable even to read that Constitution, to
the terms of which reference is now so often made --- unable to read that book within the ? of which are contained the
words of eternal life.

Let us not deny to them the means of, at least, obtaining that amount of information which will serve to fit them for
performing well their duties here, and enable them to judge for themselves of their duty with reference to an hereafter.

Entertaining these views, your Committee recomment the passage of the bill.

Respectfully submitted,
O. M. Avery,
Chairman of Committee on Schools and Colleges.

1850 Census
Students who attended school 1850 from the 1850 Census records responded yes to attended school in the prior year.

[I composed this list about 20 years ago and I'm sure that it is full of misspellings. First the census taker had to misspell
them and then whatever was left I probably contributed to. If you see something close to a name you are researching
you may want to go back to the Census records to check. Also this is NOT a public school list. This is a list of all the
children who went to school someplace in 1849-1850 so you have public and private school in St. Augustine, plus
schools in other places ---- all unknown. However this is the best list that could be reconstructed from that time period.
You notice that there are mulattoes listed toward the bottom of the list --- I'd give credit to the Catholic church for this but
not sure. For African American education there is another often overlooked source of education --- Sunday schools.
The issue was that it was important to be able to read the Bible. Bethel Methodist (forerunner of Trinity United Methodist
and 1st United Methodist) and the Presbyterian congregation may have had Sunday schools for this purpose.]

Anna M Lehnbauer  11
Margareth Lehnbauer 11
George Lehnbauer
Martina Andreau 12
Gilermo Andreau 8
Florence Andreau 6
Elisabeth M Smith 11
Alford O. Perpall
Richard H Rupell 9
Hannah C Rupell 5
Maria Andrew 7
Catharina Andrew 14
Maria Andrew 11
Charlotta Andrew 7
John Gomez 15
William Gomez 9
Francis Southwick 14
Charles Southwick 5
Godfred Forster 10
William Forster 8
Elisa Forster 6
Mary E Tylitra 6
Charlotta A Tylitra 8
Elisabeth D Liveesy 10
Leoncia Clark 10
Margareth Sevell 10
Raymond I Read 9
Alexander Ivanososky 8
William Whiteside 5
Joseph Llambias 8
John Llambias 5
John M Henry 6
Philomena Papy 15
Francis Papy 11
Bartolo Canova 7
Maria Canova 5
Burton Williams 15
Elisa Williams 12
Victoria Williams 11
Fanny Williams 6
Nicholas Sanchez 7
Lydia I Forward 13
Henry Forward 6
George Colt 15
Leonora Colt 11
Fatio Colt 8
Julia Colt 6
Mirella Canova 13
Antonia Canova 8
Maria Canova 5
Fernando Papy 14
Catalina Papy 12
Edward Papy 11
Isidore Papy 8
Mary Papy 5
Andreas Canova
Christina Gue 17
Thomas Ridgely 18
Joseph Hernandez 15
Venancio Hernandez 13
Alonzo Hernandez 10
William Hernandez 7
Carolina Crespo 14
Balvina Crespo 11
Raphina Crespo 6
Mannee Jordan 5
Elisabeth Jordan 4
Eugenia Sanchez 15
Christina Sanchez 9
Ellen Sanchez 8
Anna Goff 16
Jane Goff 13
Just Lopez 11
Manuel Lope 7
Maria Usina
Manuella Usina 13
Sanchez Usina 6
Nickelina Usina 7
Jane Leonardy 15
Joseph Leonardy 13
Frances Leonardy 10
Catharina Leonardy 7
Aquila Leonardy 6
Catharina Mitchel 6
Edward C Humphreys 14
Charles D Humphreys 11
Matias Papy 13
Marin Papy 10
John Irwin 9
Joseph Irwin 8
Ramon Irwin 6
Maria Pellicer 15
Teeter Pellicer 13
John Pellicer 11
America Brush 14
Charles Brush 8
Cefferru? Brush 5
Henry Wolf 4
Emelia Monson 11
William Monson 8
Carolina Monson 6
Michelina Nelligan 17
Henry Nelligan 13
Camella Nelligan 11
Rosalia Leonardy 14
Jane Leonardy 11
John Leonardy 8
Joseph Leonardy 7
Celetino Leonardy 5
Irvin Drysdale 16
Lois Drysdale 13
Alford Drysdale 11
Melinda Floyd 17
Anna Floyd 14
Carolina Floyd 12
Fatio Dunham 15
Matilda Dunham 14
David L Dunham 12
Henry Clay Dunham 8
Edward Gould 14
Hester Gould 12
Sarah B Gould 10
Lydia Gould 7
F. H. R. Gould 5
Theodore Bridier 13
Mary C Bridier 10
Louis Bridier 8
Henry Bridier 5
Thomas E Randolph 9
William D Randolph 6
Elizabeth E Randolph 5
Jane H Randolph  3
John A Ross 14
Thos F A. Ross 13
Elisa A Ross 11
Annita C Ross 5
Deonecia Thomas 16
Aquaida Thomas 10
William Thomas 8
Mary C Hager 11
Ellen L Hager 9
Antonia M Hager 7
Charles A Hager 5
Sarah C Hager 3
Mary C Papy 6
Bartolo Papy 3
William Quincy 9
Sarah Quincy 7
Henry Quincy 5
Margareth Hanson 16
Sarah F Beard 6
Jane Lopez 11
Catherina Lopez 9
Mary Lopez 7
Louisa Masters 13
William Mirando 6
Felipe Gomez 8
Bartolo Gomez 5
John Reyes ?
Anna Hurlbert 12
Esteban Hurlbert 8
James Hurlbert 6
Daniel Hurlbert 3
Daniel Hurlbert 9
Sarah Carr
John Carr
Maria Carr
Emelia Stone 14
William Mickler 14
Margareth Mickler 10
George Mickler 8
Manuella Mickler 6
Barbara Pacetty 13
Jane Pacetty 9
Edward Pacetty 6
Victoria Cooper 12
Urbana Aquila 14
Manuel Aquila 11
Seraphic Andrew 13
Telesphorous Andrew 11
Agnes Andrew 7
Elisabeth Andrew 5
Estebeiu Bennet 14
William Bennet 12
Joseph Bennet 10
Casimiro Bennet 8
Jacinda Andrew 14
Gerome Andrew 9
Andrew Lopez 10
James Arnau 9
Josephina Garcias 10
Carmen Bennet 17
Isabel Bennet 15
Peter Bennet 13
Ravina Bennet  5
Diego Hernandez 15
Isabella Hernandez 12
Maria Allen 17
Jame Allen 15
Anna Allen 11
Martha Allen 9
Donna Allen 7
Gertrude E Bronson 16
Emma S Bronson 14
Virginia Philips 15
John L Philips 10
Geo L Philips 6
William F Haskins 13
Ja B T Haskins 12
Anna C. Washington 10
Geo L Washington 8
Venancio S Williams 9
Francis Solano 16
Martha Solano 10
Joseph Solano 7
Alfred Hanford 15
Carolina Arden
Gomacindo Sales 9
Fabian Sale 6
Raphina Genova 12
William Genova 10
Francis Genova 8
Maria Genova 6
Maria Ferrira 5
Maria Lopez 8
Aquaida Lopez 6
Eladia Capella 12
Marcos Maters 10
Cereeica Masters 7
Theodosia Masters 5
Rafala Ximenes 6
Antonio Ximenes 5
Maria Sequi 11
Maria Andrew 6
Louis Capo 15
Filipe Capo 13
Martha J Capo 8
Eraro Capo 6
Antonio Andreu 5
Marcella Baya 10
Constancia Baya 8
Christina Baya 6
Joseph Baya 4
Maria Anderson 12
Jane Anderson 10
Josepha Anderson 6
Dominiga Anderson 5
William Capo 5
James Sanchez 5
George Cercopoli 12
Francis Medicis 7
Henaro Triay 11
John Triay 7
Catharina Triay 10
Maria Triay 4
Ignacio Andreu 13
Raffia Andreu 12
Joseph Andrei 11
Rosalia Andreu
Alonzo Lopez 12
Jane Pellicer 9
Catharina Pellicer 7
Peter Ortagus 13
Marcella Ortagus 11
Eligio Ortagus 7
Espranca Pons 10
Magdalena Pons 8
John Pons 6
Bernardo Fine 6
Elisabeth Southwick 11
Magdalena Hernandez 10
Antonio Hernandez 7
Francisco Hernandez 5
Maria Pacetty 14
Felix Pacetty 10
Marcella Pacetty 8
Michael Usina 11
Francis Triay
Stanisha Triay 5
Philip Leonardy 14
John Leonardy 12
maria Leonardy 10
Emanuel Sanchez 14
Esteban Norris 8
Julia Capella 13
Vincent Pacetty 13
Venancio Pacetty 11
Martha Pacetty 9
Bartolo Pacetty 7
Philip Leonardy 14
John Leonardy 12
Maria Leonardy 10
Emanuel Sanchez 14
Esteban Norris 8
Julia Capella 13
Vincent Pacetty 13
Venancio Pacetty 9
Bartolo Pacetty 7
John Pomar 13
Petter Pomar 11
Antonia Pomar 12
Martina Pomar 9
Maria Pomar 7
John Pacetty 13
Albert Pacetty 7
Catharina Pacetty 6
Sophia Segue 8
Celestina Segue 6
Stefania Segue 4
Eugenia Pacetty 16
Joseph Pacetty 13
Thomas Pacetty 10
Dominga Andreau 15
Claudia Andreau 12
Camilo Arrnau 10
James Arnau 9
Robert Simpson 11
Elisabeth Simpson 12
Joseph Simpson 6
Tomassa Leonardy 15
Tolonia Rogero 10
Anna Coletta Rogero 8
Ignacio Rogero 7
Manuel Rogero 5
Francis Andreau 9
Joseph Pomar 13
Martina Pomar 13
Gabriel Pomar 10
Francis Baya 1
Lauterio Baya 12
Leandra Baya 8
Eulogia Baya 6
Anrewus Lopez 14
John Lopez 12
Antonio Lopez 10
Francis Andreu 9
Ramon Faluny 10
Maria Falany 9
Bartolo Pinkham 10
Margareth Pinkham 8
Maria D Masters 16
Manuel Masters 14
Polania Masters 13
Esederio Masters 12
Paul Masters 8
Blasada Masters 5
William Dupont 11
Andrew Anderson 12
James Cosby 14
Maria Lopez 9
Charles D Segue 11
Abelina Segue 7
Francis Irwin 10
Lucy Shafter 8
Louisa Shafter 6
Bartolo Canova 9
Cecilia Canova 6
Cristobal Bravo 7
Rafiel Bravo 5

Frances Pellicer 10
James Pellicer 6
Paul Pellicer 5
Angelina Masters 12
Carolina Masters 11
Abelina Masters 7
Frances Sanchez 8
Dolores Sanchez 5
Lucy Dancy 15
Edwin Dancy 12
Francis Dancy 10
Jennes Dancy 9
James Dany 6
Charles Taylor 16
Geo Cooley14
William Cooley 10
Charles Cooley 7
Maria Weedman 14
Philip Weedman 12
Bernardo Weedman 8
Alexander Weedman 6
Teresa Weedman 4
Oscar Ashton 11
Stephanie Southwick 8
Louisa Southwick 6

Charles Hager 38
Archibald Gould 25 Teacher Seminary
Casimera Andrew 15 Teacher of Music
Geo L Philips 69 Teacher Sem

William Lang 10 mulatto
James Lang 8 Mulatto
Sarah Lang 7 mulatto
Lucretia Lang 5 mulatto
Charles Fernandez 6 mulatto
Sophia Williams 7  mulatto
Cecilia Clark 9 mulatto
Leoncia Clark 10 mulatto
Margareth Sevell 10 mulatto
Francis Irwin 10 mulatto
Francis Gue 10 mulatto

December 27 1850 census certified

Act to Establish Common schools, etc., approved January `1, 1853
Sec. 2 "That it shall be the duty of the Tax Assessor of each county, at the time of assessing the taxes of his county, to
take the census of all the children of the county between the ages of five and eighteen years, and if any of them be deaf
mutes, that he so state, and report the same on oath to the County Superintendent on or before the first day of June
next, and each and every year thereafter; for which said service he shall receive five cents for each child reported to the
County Superintendent; and, upon "failure of the Tax Assessor to perform the duties herein and above required, he
shall forfeit the sum of fifty dollars, to be deducted from the sum which the County Commissioners may allow him for
assessing and collecting the taxes of this County."

Lawton Fund
Resolved, that the Mayor be hereby authorized to write to the Executive of Joseph Lawton deceased and obtain an
account of the fund bequeathed by the late Charles Lawton of Charleston for schooling the poor children of St
Augustine requesting a detailed statement of the capital invested and the interest moneys accruing therein and how the
same have been disposed.
Putnam mayor.

State Census 1855
The State Census of 1855 gave the number of white children in each county between the ages of five and eighteen, and
the number of these who attended school.

St. Johns 496 children 271 attending school  

20 March 1856
Hon Gentleman,

I send you my annual petition for help towards the schooling of the numerous poor children at this City. I think it
unnecessary to accompany this petition with the reasons which went to support it, you know them and appreciate them.

Respectfully yours
E Cubrie  (may not be a c)

Building the Public School
1858        Public school erected on the site of "Burnt Hospital Lot" -  Later to become Public school #1.

Sisters of Mercy
To the Honorable Mayor and Council of St Augustine

The Sisters of Mercy respectfully represent to your honorable body that they keep an Academy and free school for the
children of this  city ; and that owing to the large number attending the latter school together with the absence of
apailucents in their present school house commodious enough to permit a sufficient circulation of pure air so desirable
at all times but so indispensably necessary where a large number (like that of their publes) are collected together find
themselves obliged o procure a more suitable place to keep the free school. In virtue of the above mentioned
consideration. They apply to your honorable body and respectfully solicit the temporary loan of the upper room of the
building erected in Hospital Street for public education under such regulations as may appear just and reasonable. They
also take this occasion to state that their schools are open to all without distinction of creed so as to come within the
intentions of those who have appropriated funds for public education.  St. Augustine August 24th 1860

The Sisters of Mercy beg  leave to return their grateful acknowledgements to the Honorable Members of the City Council
for the temporary loan of the upper room in the building erected in Hospital Street for Educational purposes; and pledge
themselves to comply with all the requisition of said Council.

St. Augustine
Sept 1st 1860
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