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How to Get a Presidential Pardon
Milledgeville, Georgia
September 1, 1866
Executive Department,
Milledgeville, 1st September, 1866


Enclosed please find the President’s warrant of pardon and a blank letter of acceptance which must be filled up, signed
and returned to the Secretary of State at Washington. But as it will be necessary for you to have a certified copy of it, if
ever called on to prove your pardon in any Court, it should be sent to some one in Washington, who will deliver it at the
Department of State, procure the certified copy and send it to you. If not specially asked for, it will not be sent. George
Taylor, Esq., 425 F. Street, Washington City, has materially aided me in procuring action upon the
Georgia pardons
and in sending them forward, and I have arranged with him to attend to the delivery of all letters of acceptance sent to
him and the return of certified copies of them. He will also see that your papers are complete in every particular. For
his past services and for his attention to the certified copies, and to cover postage, &c., I would suggest that each
applicant remit him a small fee of from fifteen to twenty dollars with his letter of acceptance. Where applicants cannot
do so, Mr. Taylor will nevertheless attend to their papers for them. Without his aid I could not have accomplished what
has been done.

Respectfully, &c.,
Charles J. Jenkins
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