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Freedmen's Bureau
Jacksonville Provost Marshal Weddings
88 lin. ft.
Textual Records: Letters sent, 1865-72, with indexes. Letters received, 1865-72, with registers. Endorsements, May-
September 1865, August-January 1871. Issuances, 1865-70. Annual and monthly reports of the Assistant
Commissioners, 1865-69. Monthly personal reports of officers and civilian agents, 1867-71. Station books of officers
and civilians on duty, 1866-70. Freedmen's marriage certificates, 1861-69.
Florida Marriage Records (Microfilm M1875, Roll 1)

The Florida Marriage records are a single unbound report of marriages is undated and unarranged. Unbound marriage
licenses and certificates arranged generally alphabetically by initial letter of the surname of the bridegroom cover the
period 1864–68.

What are in the Records?
The records on these links are marriage records. There is the license and the record of the service being performed
(some records of the marriage being performed are not here as the copies were to faint to read.)

What is listed in the record?
The records list who is being married, the date of the marriage, who performed the wedding, who issued the license, the
residence of the persons being married,

These are not Freedmen Bureau records but
Jacksonville Provost Marshal records. A large number of these records
were produced before the Freedmen’s Bureau existed. These records are not only African-American but contain white
residents also. There are USCT soldiers of the 3rd USCT and the 34 USCT also in the material along with one U. S.
Army Florida volunteer record.

Validity of the Marriages
Ordinance 3 of the Florida Constitutional Convention was adopted in November of 1865 declaring that all marriages
performed by an ordained minister from January 10, 1865 were legal and valid marriages.

Article 15, Section 6 of the Florida Constitution of 1868 adapted February 1868 stated: “all proceedings, decisions, or
actions accomplished by civil or military officers in Florida acting under authority of the United States subsequent to
January 10, 1865, and prior to the final restoration of the State to the government of the United States,” viz., July 31,

Why these records are important
These records were not filed in the County Court house. These are the only records of the marriages. Later one of
these records would play out in a court case that went all the way to the Supreme Court of Georgia – Norman v. Goode

Rev. John S. Swaim
Rev. John S Swaim  from the Midwest United States was ordained a deacon (1836)  and an elder (1838)  in the
Methodist Episcopal Church. He came to Jacksonville in 1864. He was the pastor of the Zion Methodist Episcopal
Church in Jacksonville (merged later with Ebenezer Methodist Episcopal) from 1864-1868. Rev. Swain died in 1875.
Ebenezer is a United Methodist Church today and is located at 114 Norfolk Boulevard Jacksonville. The church was
founded in 1864 with credit going to Rev. Swaim as the founder.

This church is part of the James Weldon Johnson tour as the church of his grandmother and mother. James and
Rosamond became members and musicians for the church. James and his mother were connected with the Freedmen
Bureau’s Stanton Normal School.

Who Issued
Who Married
November 10, 1864
Isaac C. Bush
Mary Ann Steedly
December 2, 1864
David G. Clemens
Lucinda Hammonds
L. F. Youngs
Chaplain Robert F.
December 22, 1864
James B. Bradshaw
Elizabeth A. Stone
Marshall G. Rice
December 24, 1865
William Pickett
Maria Moore
Capt. J. W. Johnson
January 11, 1865
John Revels
Miss Drursiler Ault
Capt. J. W. Johnson
February 11, 1865
John Bricker
Shana Walker
Capt. J. W. Johnson
Rev. John S. Swaim
February 18, 1865
Jeremiah Pinir
Maria Moore
  Thomas A. Hall
March 1, 1865
Robinson Cooper
Annie W. Hewett
Capt. J. W. Johnson
Rev. John S. Swaim
March 4, 1865
Albert Cubbage
Anna Sulivant
Capt J. W. Johnson
Rev. Samuel Guthree
March 15, 1865
James C. Batton
Charlotte Lee
Capt. J. W. Johnson
Rev. John S. Swaim
April 22, 1865
Clinton Brooks
Lucritia Anderson
  Chaplain H L Hoffs
May 6, 1865
Simon Plumer
Ellen Petty
  Samuel Garbelly
June 13, 1865
Samuel Berry
Pamelia Bowen
Capt. J. W. Johnson
Rev. John S. Swaim
June 21, 1865
John Coleman
Susan Berdan
Capt J. W. Johnson
Rev. John S. Swaim
July 10, 1865
John A Boyd
M. E. Brooks
Capt. J. W. Johnson
Rev. John S. Swaim
August 1, 1865
John Curry
Catherine Benjamin
Lieut R. C. Loveridge
Rev. John S. Swaim
August 8, 1865
Scipio Bizzard
Jane Jones
Lieut Rom's C.
August 9, 1865
James Braddock
Louisa Bright
Capt. J. W. Johnson
J. H. Hagman
August 17, 1865
H. Brooks
Elizabeth Kirland
Lieut Rom's C.
Rev. John S. Swaim
August 17, 1865
Henry Campbell
Harriet Highter
Lieut Rom's C.
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