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Freedmen Bureau Education
Jonathan J. Wright To Rev. S. Hunt
Report on the 128th Regt USCT
March 2, 1866

American Missionary Association
Beaufort S. C. March 2d 1866

Rev. S. Hunt:

Dear Sir,
I am sorry to say I think this is the last report I shall be able to send of the 128th regt U. S. C. T. The
33d regt who has
been at Charleston Fort Sumpter, and Morris Island has been mustered out of the service, and they have gone to take
the places of those it is supposed and the maj think that it will be impossible to have school but I am going on
tomorrow to see for myself what can be done. The men are very much interested in their studies, and I think if they
could have a good teacher for six month, one hundred of them would be able to teach a common school. There is but
one school in Beaufort that I have visited this school year and if the children in the other schools on the island are
making as rapid progress as they are in that school, the time is near at hand , when the money that the various
societies expend to send teachers here, they can use to send missionaries to foreign lands. My health is very poor
and my physician I will be obliged to come North a while,
Yours for humanity, and the cause of the Freedmen
Jonathan J. Wright.
Jonathan Jasper Wright
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