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Ketterlinus High School
St. Augustine, Florida
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Offer Vocational Agriculture At Ketterlinus High School (St. Augustine Record November 10, 1939)
W. T. Bryant Succeeds Paul Mabry As Instructor
Vocational Agriculture is among the subjects offered at Ketterlinus High School. This course was introduced here by
Paul Mabry.

Mr. Mabry announced his resignation this week from the faculty of the school and said that his position would be filled
by W. T. Bryant. Mr. Bryant is a graduate of the University of Florida and former vocational instructor at Chiefland,

Mr. Mabry will move to Starke where he will be a member of the Agriculture Administration of the State of Florida.

Vocational agriculture was created by the Smith-Hughes Act in 1917 and found its beginning in 1927 in Virginia under
the leadership of Henry C. Grosciose. It covers the United States, Porta Rica [sic], and Hawaii with an enrollment of
120,000 members.

The course consists of four degrees: greenhands, future farmers, state planters, and American planters. The
organization is divided into state chapters which form Future Farmers Clubs. The Florida Chapter holds its convention
in Gainesville at he University with two delegates representing each club. Here the delegates are selected to represent
the State Chapter in Kansas City, Mo.

The purpose of these courses is to create better citizenship, to develop leadership, to improve home surroundings,
and to interest the farm boy in himself; also, to promote better farming and to provide recreational activities.

Annually a father and son banquet is held. There is also a public speaking contest, diamond ball contest, and work in
parliamentary procedure.

At the state convention, contests are held with livestock judging teams. The winners go to the national convention in
Kansas City, Mo., to take part in judging livestock there.

In 1938, a Florida boy, Lester Poucher, was elected national president. He was given a trip covering the United States,
Porto Rica [sic], and six weeks' stay in Hawaii.

Another Florida boy, Wayne Poucher, won the national public speaking contest and received a prize of $250.

Mr. Bryant is most enthusiastic about this program and looks forward to having a state president selected from the
group of boys he is to work with here.
around 1977

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