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Deed for Woodville Freedmen's Bureau School land
June 11, 1867
Freedmen Bureau Records
This deed made the eleventh day of June, eighteen hundred and sixty seven between John H. Skinner, of
Prince George's County and State of Maryland of the one part, and Henry Butler, James Mackall, Albert Scott,
John Dockett and Nathaniel Brooks, Trustees of the other part, witnesseth, that the said party of the first part
? and in consideration of the sum of one hundred dollars, current money to him in hand paid, by the said
parties of the second part, at or before the sealing and delivery of these presents, the receipt whereof is
hereby acknowledged, had granted, bargained and sold, ?, ? and released, and conformed, and by these
presents doth grant, bargain and sell, ? ? ? and confirm unto the said Henry Butler, James Mackall, Albert
Scott, John Lockett and Nathaniel Brooks, Trustees, as after said, and their successors, all that tract, part of a
tract, a parcel of land lying in Prince George's County and State of Maryland, known by the name of
"Mansfield," beginning for the same at a stake standing on the west side of the road leading out of John H.  
Shinner's land into that of Trueman Watson, and running from thence North seventeen degrees East. twenty
one ? to the public road leading from Nottingham to the Brick Church, thence with said road, North sixty seven
degrees west, seven and two thirds perches; then leaving the road, and running with a line parallel to the first
reversed, South seventeen degrees west to the fence between this place and that of Mr. Watson, there with a
line parallel to the second line reversed. South sixty-seven degrees East, seven and two thrids perches to the
beginning, containing one acre, more or less; to have and to hold the said land in trust for the Washinton
Annual Conference of the Methodist Episcopal Church, in the United States of America, for the purpose of
building a church and School-house therein, with all the right, title and interest at law and in equity of the said
John M. Skinner, in and to the same, and every part there of unto the said Trustees and their successors
forever to their own use and benefit.  (signed) John H. Skinner
Signed, sealed & delivered
in the presence of M. J. Kaldenback.

State of Maryland, Prince Georges County to wit, on this eleventh day of June eighteen hundred sixty-seven,
before the subscriber, a Justice of Peace of the State of Maryland in and for Prince George's County
personally appeared the above named John H. Skinner and acknowledged the forgoing instrument to be his
act and deed; and I further certify that the said John H. Skinner is personally known to me to be the identical
person named and described in and professing to be the party grantor in the forgoing deed. M. J. Kaldenback
J. P.
Received 22nd Nov. 1867, to be recorded, and was the same day recorded in Liber F. S. No. 5, folio 1614c,
one of the land record Books of Prince George's County Maryland and Erd by
F. Sasscer, Clerk.  

1. Note that the description of the church is Methodist Episcopal Church not Methodist Episcopal Church
(col'd) as listed in the Freedmen's Bureau document. Maryland is perhaps the most confusing state to have a
Methodist Church - choices include Methodist Episcopal Church, Methodist Episcopal Church South,
Methodist Protestant Church, African Methodist Episcopal Church, Free Methodist, Colored Methodist
Episcopal Church. This was a Methodist Episcopal that the church segregated into its own classification of
colored. The Church carried the name Brooks-Nottingham for years. Today this church is Nottingham Myers
United Methodist Church. (
See listings from the cemetery.)

2. This is in the Freedmen's bureau records for a reason. This was the site of a
Freedmen's Bureau public
school and church. The church originally met in the public school house that was built by the bureau. Many of
the African American United Methodist churches in Prince Georges County Maryland have this background.
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