Assorted Documents of Freedmen
Bureau Schools
Land Purchase Agreement for Freedmen's Bureau Schoolhouse (and church)
Woodville Md
Undated (circa 1868)

Freedmen Bureau Records

This document was a deed document for land requested by the Bureau of Refugees, Freedmen & Abandoned Lands in Maryland wherever the
Bureau was going to erect a school.

1. Notice that this was going to be used to erect a building that would be used both as a public school and a church. Many of the schools in Prince
George's County (and churches) were started on that basis.

2. Note that this document is NOT dated.

3. The church was the Methodist Episcopal (Col). The trustees appointed by the church were Henry Buxxton, Nance Brooks, John Duckett, Albert
Scott and James MacKall. James Mackall was the only one who was able to sign the document. The other signatures were witnessed. The whole
document was done in the presence of N. J. Kaldenback, Justice of the Peace.

4. The document was completed for General C. H. Howard assistant commissioner of the Bureau, the brother of O. O. Howard.

5. Note spelling of public as publick.

6. Size of school building not less than 20 feet wide, 32 feet long and 12 feet high.

7. See the
actual property deed.