Charlotte E. Langley
Date of Birth of Child
September 18, 1908

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Understanding Civil War Pensions
Charlotte E. Langley
Edward F. Langley
A 21 USC Vol Inf

Sept 18, 1908
Point at issue is the date of birth of the child, Ernestine Langley
Claimant's address, Charlotte E. Langley, Fernandina, Nassau Co, Florida
Attorney's name and address Nathan Bickford, Washington D.C.

Declaration filed August 8, 1902 that Ernestine Langley was born October 12, 1890 and in affidavit filed January 17, 1907, she alleges October 12, 1892 as the
date of birth.

Soldier stated in the marriage circular that Ernestine V Langley was born October 12, 1890.

Soldier under claim filed February 21, 1890 was pensioned at $6.00 per month for disease of respiratory organs. Under act of June 27, 1890 filled July 7, 1890
pensioned at $12 per month. Soldier died July 13, 1902 cause sunstroke and paralysis.

Soldier enlisted June 13, 1863 and was discharged April 25, 1866.