Letters from Bladensburg Maryland
Freedmen's Bureau Schools

Freedmen's Bureau Records

Sandgates Farm, MD
1st Mo 28/66

Mr. Kimble.
    Esteemed Friend.
            Will thou, if not too much trouble, please make inquiry concerning a barrel of clothing, that the New York
Friends, sent in my name to Arlington, I was started on the 4th of this month, in the Gov. Steamer "Gen. Barnes" from
New York City.  Will it arriving at your office if so Will thou please forward it to me.  I had a letter from Phebe Knight
last night, asking if it had reached me yet.  
    I shall donate its contents to my pupils here.  As I think it most likely their wardrobes can be improved.
    I did not arrive at this farm until day before yesterday the School house not being prepared for me.  Tis not in
complete readiness yet, but I trust will be by another week.
    The rooms are to be plastered, desks, and more benches made, and my books and school apparatus have not
arrived yet.  They are at your office waiting for a farm team to go up.  I shall be all fixed and fairly organized I trust, but
the close of three weeks from now.
    Col OBrien said, thee talked of visiting us soon.  I just hope it will ? suit thy convenience to come, until after thou
time.  Because, I like all of you, of the Bureau, for the reason, that you seem good and genuine friends of the
Freedmen, And therefore I want any of you upon visiting the Farms, to call and see my school.  I had Sabbath school
today.  80 of us nice, bright looking children came, as I would ask for.  I was pleased with them and they eager for
school.  I am ambitious for the credit of Freedmen's schools and want them to rank high.  I will enjoy mine and mean it
shall be a number one for it can be.  As our noble Cause will give me all advantages I need.  But it will take 2 or 3
weeks to get started as I have not ? in leaders as yet.  So please do come and see us.  We will be glad of a visit and
suggestions.  I only brought one Assistant.  I did expect to have two.  But after I saw thee, I received a letter from the
Commission, saying the number of children were not so many as they thought.  ? very respectfully
    Sallie Cadwallader
    Oakville, Sandgates Farm Maryland

M10565 Roll 10 p 321

[My address is Oakville Gov Farms Sandgates, Maryland.  In care Mr. Johnson, Mr. Baileys and Nulls those around
Camp Foud? and the people at Falls Church know me and Captain Vanderberg and Mr. Turner who lived on the
Island with me last winter and ? and Dr. Taber and family know me well.  Col O'Brien allowed me to start from his
house on a raging storm in an old rickety peddler wagon sitting with my feet out front to ride 20 miles.  We upset and
the wagon was broken all to pieces I was right under it and had it not been for the soft mud I would have been badly
hurt or perhaps killed.  Then I have to ride back partway a rode back the five miles on horseback ? all on a
gentleman's saddle yet and I feel insulted, I had a right to be and I told him of it.]

Sandgates Farm
1st Mo 29 66

Mr. Kimble
    Esteemed Friend.
            When I wrote thee about my bones, I thought I would not say about my disagreeables here.
    But I understand today that Col O'Brien has reported me to you, and sent a letter I wrote him to you.  I hope he has
sent the note.  It may only be a report Anyhow thee will let me write to thee, the same as tho thee were my Father.  
Thee looked good and king tho I am diffident sometimes with strangers and was nice to me.  And I liked and believed
in thee, and think thee will do me Justice.  And I want thee to please advise me the same as thee would thy daughter.  
You will see by my letter to the Col. how he treated me.  I am as high strung as other folks. Do not enjoy having my
self respect wounded.  And when people do not give me my due I tell them of it.  So I did him.  I would do the same to
the President if I felt he had been rude to me personally.  Mr. Kimbell A Col did not send thee my note why then thee
wont understand this letter.  And I do not want to write it again tis too lone.  But when thee comes down I will tell thee
my story.  This right and fair to hear both sides.  And I know thee will not pass judgment until thee knows all.  The Col
has cast a stigma upon me by his manner towards me in his own house and at his own table. And i have asked for an
explanation and he will not give it me.  I am impulsive and quick tempered and will not brook indignities. So I make
enemies often by my impatience and ignorance of military necessities.  I expect Col has heard some infamous report
about me, I suppose.  I do not know what people may say about me.  I know I am innocent of intentional wrong, and I
have done nothing disgraceful, and I cannot help what is said about me by malicious unscrupulous enemies.  I have a
clear conscience and plenty of friends who are worthy and know me But I am poor in money  Mr. Kimble I write to ask
of thee that you will not allow Col O'Brien to prejudice you against me. But I want you to allow me t stay here for a
Month anyhow even if Col requests my removal I want to have an opportunity to prove myself clear of blame.  If I go
home now my reputation will be injured and I have nothing but a good name.  Because it will be said I was sent away
as unworthy.  I am not unworthy and I will prove it to all down here if I have time.  I ask this favor.
    I know Col has influence with you, but he is not infallible no more than other men.  I was respectful to him and I
mean to be.  He and one of the Teachers here who did not agree with me on the Island have prejudiced all the white
people down here against me.  The only treat me politely for politeness sake, and because they  
have not seen anything to actually condemn.  They are kind and polite to me and the Capt in charge here and Mr.
Hwiary? of the other place are very gentlemanly and polite to me.  And say i shall have all I need to further my school.  
I shall wait patiently and be satisfied.  I had 75 scholars today and 34 tonight.  I love to teach and I can.  I like the
colored people and am determined my school shall improve.  I want to stop and let all see that they have done me
injustice and then I shall have given my scholars a good push and I will go home if you wish.  My scholars shall learn
Thee will come and see it and Judge for thyself And I will answer any questions you ask me concerning ? Col Brian
may tell you I am proud of my schools and ashamed for no one to visit them.  Won't thee please answer this letter or
come down whichever suits thee best.  Sincerely Sallie Cadwallader.

M1056 Roll 10 p323-327

Sandgate Farm
2ed Mo 7.66

J Kimble
    Esteemed Friend.
    I was so glad to get thy kind letter last night.
    Since I wrote thee last I found that why it was difficult for me to get board here was and why I have been treated
rudely that I had been represented to be not a good girl.  One of my ? friends advised me to state the case to
General Howard.  I wanted only to thee, But I was advised to do so to him, as he was the 1st of the Bureau.  I have
faith in thee and Le't Clark both because you look good and true.  But I concluded to do as they told me.  And told
General Howard the whole affair.  All I want is to be let alone.  And allowed to stay in my school with its interests not
impeded.  And that no one in power shall be allowed to slander me.  I have done right and I shall do so.  My own self
respect and womanly dignity is my strength if no other reason.  I need not tell thee I was angry when I heard that Col
O'Brien dared to insinuate such a foul falsity.  I would have shot him I believe if I had known how, I was so angry, I just
wish I were a man.  I'd go up and give him a thorough whipping.  Try to switch some of the cowardice and baseness
out of him.  ? a man try to take a woman's dearest treasure from her.  I consider tis a greatly wrong to take over good
name than life itself.  I have always kept my character unstained.  And it shall not be tarnished till I deserve it.  I can't
find words to express my contempt for Col O'Brien.  But I will stop.  I would not have minded anything he did or said
that was rude.  Just considered it not worth noticing.  But I knew that he had succeeded in getting others off his farms
whom he did not like by the same method.  Ruined not only their fair name.  But prejudices the Bureau against them.  
So that they lost their situations I came here, and unfortunately a teacher on the farm next me who did not like me and
who is an intimate friend of the Col. brother.  Therefore the Col did not want me here on her account and because I
was friends of persons he disliked.  So he thought to heap indignities upon me and thus oust me.  But he shall not if I
can help it.  Our name never was disgraced and he shall not do it.  I can't be calm.  I have taught school for 8 years.  
The last two in Virginia and I can bring proofs of my good character from any number of the most respectable and
most worthy in each place I have lived.  When I first came to you as teacher of Freedmen.

M1056  Roll 10  p 328-331

Treasury Department
Second Auditor's Office
April 2, 1866

Mr. John Kimball

    Sir  Mr. Bowman bearer of this note will give you the information Sought in yours inclosed.  He is an upright and
respectable man, living near Hyattsville Md 6 miles from Washington on Balt Railroad.  There is vacant ground in
dispute between the Balt. Railroad Co and Diggs' heir which might be occupied by Government for School purposes.  
They the colored people have now about 50 Scholars in School; and more I presume than 100 persons attend
Religious Service there and would be many more if facilities were afforded them, young and old I believe attend

    Respectfully Yrs,
    B. Newton Brown

M1056 Roll 10 p 0241  

April the 23, 1866
Bladensburg MD

Mr. Kimball Dear sir

i will be their at your offices on Thursday morning to inform you What we can do and how we can get the building, and
how we can get the lumber hauled for us  All so Please have the church or school house send to us in the name of
the American Methodist Episcopal Zion Church as that is the only society out hear in Bladens

Yours Respectfully
Rev E Lee to Mr. G Kimball

M1056 Roll 10 p 0598

Bladensburg April the 24 66

Gener Howard

Dear Sir

    We the People of Colour of Bladensburg having no permanent place to hold Publick Worship nor School do
Hearby choose and Select the Rev. G. E. Lee Our Minister to wait upon you to see what you will do in aiding and
assisting us to build house.

                    We the African Methodist Episcopal Zion Connection.  
                    Do Sincerely beg you to aid us by your helping hand

            Names of
            Official Board
    Uria Wallace
    Syras Johnson
    Elias Pater(?)
    John Mercy
    George Gillbert
    Henry Plummer
    Benjamin Moulton
    Albert Scott

G. E. Lee Supt

                                    Henry A. Rumes  (?)

M1056  Roll 10  p 250.

Washington D.C. April 25th 1866
Maj Gen Howard
I agreed to rent to John E Lee and Armstead Bolton Col'd Ministers 1/4 of an acre of land, for School purposes, on
the Balto Turnpike Road, near Bladensburg Depot according to my Lease which is for 4 Years with conditions and
    I propose to give them the same privilege and in accordance with my Lease, for the sum of eight dollars per month
payable monthly.  I write this at their request.
                    Yours Truly
                    O.E. Duffy

M1056 Roll 10 0443

Office of Supt R and F
Bladensburg MD
June 4 1866

Bvt Lt Col William Rogers


    I have inquired, in regard to schools for Freedmen in this vicinity, and find that there has been (until last week)  a
school kept at Hyattsville, by a colored man, which has been discontinued on account of the mans having removed
from the place, So that at present, there is no school kept in this vicinity.
    All that is wanted to establish the same, is a teacher.  If one can be sent, a school can be put into operation, at
which there will from 50 to 75 scholars.
    A building which was formerly used, can be rented for $8.331/3 per month which has been paid by taking up
collections; although the man who hired it, says he has had to pay a good share of the amount himself.

Very respectfully
Your Off ?
GE Henry
Rvt Major and Supt

M1056 Roll 10 p 0491

116 East 12th St
N.Y. July 2nd 1866

John Kimball
            Supt of Schools
    By advice of the Com, I write again in regard to our Assn establishing a school at Bladensburg.  
    We had supposed that appropriating of the Bureau funded for payment of rent and were only detained from an
immediate acceptance of your offer to learn whether one might expect this assistance.
    Will you please write us on the subject.
    A letter was read from Miss Cadwallader last week.  She is very enthusiastic over her anticipated reinstatement.

Very Respectfully
E. F. Bunting

M1056 Roll 10 p 0269-270

7th Mo 5th 66

Mr. Kimble
    I earnestly thank thee for advising the Committee to send me to Bladensburg.  I am glad to go and soon as
possible, as I am so well and rested now.  And as tis a healthful location, and I would prefer working now, and then
have a breathing spell of a few days, in the commencement of winter.  It was truly kind of thee to thus speak to the

Very respectfully
Sallie Cadwallader

M1056 Roll 10 p 37l

Bladensburg Md
July 17, 1866

Mr. Kimball
    The school teacher has not come.  Was to come yesterday.  If possible, I think she had better be notified not to
come.  The col'd people say that they can send no children until the 1st of Sept. and these is also a chance of
obtaining a col'd teacher, which will be preferable.  If it is not too late I think it advisable to send her word not to come
just now.

G E Henry
Rvt Maj Sup

M1056 Roll 10 p 0495

8th Mo 22.66

Mr. Kimble
    I was at Mr. Jones house yesterday.  He said he will sell the Colored people for a school one acre of land for one
hundred dollars.  They can commence building the house next Sunday the 26th.  So that now, I trust we may soon
know the delight of having a nice large school room.  Next First day the 25th from twelve till four o'clock the colored
people have meeting in Mr Jones room.  If thee and Major Henry could be there soon after three and talk awhile to
them it would be an inspiration for them.  I fear they will be a little dilatory in raising the money and sending their
children the extra distance.  They want a stirring up anyhow concerning their responsibilities.  I have been at them
ever since I came about buying land.  The leave it pretty much all to one colored man, Bowman to attend to.  And he
thro right intelligent and enterprising is not over swift.  When I went to his place yesterday I found him sick so I
concluded to go myself to Mr. Jones.  These people will do all they should with thee and Major Henry to start their
house and direct any tell them what to do and how to do it.  The old dependable still clings to them.  But with a little
arousing they will overcome it.  I had talkup so much, and been so often I almost had failed heart.  But thee gave me
new courage yesterday and the children are more ambitious.  It always did me so much good to have a real thorough
earnest person come into my school.  It does us all good to have one who understands his business, and heart in it to
come sometimes and help us see the right.  This school with ? of visual surroundings off us, can be made one of the
best, and it shall.  With a nice large, room desks, benches, blackboards, maps and cone can accomplish fully as much
again.  It has been my lot in Freedman's schools to always teach in the rudest places..  It takes much of the ? one
needs in teaching, to endure such a distasteful place as this.  But now we will cheerfully put up with the disagreeables
of this forlorn place, as we are so soon to have a better.  Major Henry and thee will put it through, I know.  The ? have
tried to frighten and discourage them from building.  Tho some few are favorable.  But with your inspiring words and
energetic actions and assurance of protection They will put us up a schoolhouse within the next two weeks I trust.  We
are weary waiting. But it will not be for much longer.  The association will send me maps and a clock soon as we get in
our new house.  Oh will be splendid to have it.  Thee, said I could have a blackboard.  I would be glad to have two
already complete right now.  As I hardly know how to teach without them.  ? been so used to them in up North
schools.  If none can be had finished I can paint and varnish them, but I don't want to do it if I can help it as tis a big
bother.  My boards My boards ? and maps I sent to Major Howland when I left St. Marys.  I thought the teachers there
could get their own as I had done.  That St. Mary's school my heart warms towards it whenever I think of it.  But this
shall equal any in the land.  Tis only in the germ yet Our Col'd are noble in all they do for their Teachers.  They will do
all they can for me.  I love them.  And we all feel in such good heart this morning.  Do please come see us whenever
thee can.  We may sin?  Tho I know too have thy time filled.  Thy position is a grand one. So much good thee ?   (EnD)

M1056  Roll 10  p376-378

8th Mo 28th 1866

Mr. Kimble:
    I heard today that Mr. Jone's place is heavily mortgaged, and thus he can not give a clean title to that land.  Tho
he is ignorant and honest too and does not know about such things.  But I thought that better feel thee.  As it would
be too bad for the colored people to pay for it and then lose it.  It may not be time.  I have been thinking today that as
the colored people have the renting if this for five years if they want.  So their paper says that perhaps this place had
better be fixed for winter and make it do.  I find tis going to be a big trouble to make up the money for the land nails,
and pay the carpenter which is I believe all they have to do.  So if this is fixed up next week. We can teach in it all
winter and it will be central for the children.  The other is a good way off..  And they can still be trying to get a place for
their church and do it all themselves.  The rainy season is coming on and our school is hindered very much by the
rain.  ? ? respectfully  Sallie Cadwallader

M1056  Roll 10 p 0380-0381

11th Mo 8th 1866

Mr. Kimble

    The Owner of the building we hold our school in passed by here this morning.  And declared we should hold
school here no longer.  Saying he did not rent it for a school, but a church.  Whether he will keep his word remains to
be seen.  I tell thee, and ask if we cannot have our new school put up immediately, in case we do have to leave here.  
He may not have been  ? or meant what he said.  But when we get in the new house No one can prevent the school
from going on.  Will not the lumber soon come and it be finished  My school is flourishing I have forty here today.  And
they are prompt.  There were only 31 the day our Friends from New York were present.  I was sorry. But it was
Election day and many were afraid to send their children fearing they would be molested on their way to school by
intoxicated ?  I would be so sorry to have our school stopped during this nice weather.  It may have been only an idle
threat.  But I though I had better tell thee.  
                                            Very respectfully
                                            Sallie Cadwallader

Office Supt R and F
Bladensburg Md
December 18 1866

Ret Lt Col Wm W Rogers
                    in compliance with letter of the 17th inst asking for a report as to the delay in erecting the school house
at this place, I would state that the lumber was received hear about the 15th of Nov.  In looking it over it was thought
that their were no pieces suitable for sills, as the building would have to be set up some four feet.  On conferring with
Mr Kimball we came to the conclusion that the lumber would answer by putting a sufficient number of posts under the
? sent for sills and I informed the colored people of this through Mr. Bowman (a leading man among them) and tried to
impress upon him the necessity of at once commencing the work.
    I tried to make a contract with a carpenter to put it up for them, but they did not seem to care to engage him, or
take any steps towards engaging any one else.  They said that there were several who wanted to put up the building,
and I told them that they must contract with some one, and have the work commenced.
    Before the building can be put up there must be posts hauled and set for a foundation and have several times
spoken to them, and urged them to make some movement towards its erection but as yet nothing has been done, the
lumber has been laying here for two weeks and no steps taken towards erecting the building.
    Everything that I can do has been done for them, and it only remains for them to engage some one, and have the
building put up.

                            I am Col
                            Your Obl svt
                            GE Henry
                            Rvt Maj and Sup

M1056 Roll 10 p 0527-0528
12 Mn 20 66

Mr. Kimble
    Esteemed Friend
            I saw Uncle Bowman yesterday.  He says they are waiting for the supports of the building.  Four logs which did
not come with the lumber.  Five by eight and I forget the other.  Thee knows the size of the building  I told Bowman
you would haul the lumber and if they did not use it.  He seemed considerably exercised at that announcement. Any ?
Tell Mr. Kimbly we will commence building the schoolhouse this week.  I have lost faith in the efficiency of that party.  
Their minister seems to me like a sleepy old poke and Uncle Bowman is old.  His will is more willing than strong.   ? I
have concluded as regards our schoolhouse.  "That blessed is he who expects nothing for he shall not be
disappointed."  But thanks to Mrs. Lluby's party We are very comfortably fixed.  My sympathies are with them because
they go ahead and put things through.  Their side has the energy and mouth.  And they are right too.  They left the
old set so they could have their own Bishop and colored men all the way through.  But Uncle Bowman thinks their
Controller in the Church must needs be white tis the old delusion ? poor man at his age he will not get shut of it.  But I
don't care.  I suppose like white folks they will divide and redivide in their churches till the end of time.  The old Fogies
can't keep up.  So we get the schoolhouse of good material and shall be I think is being a success.  Tis a pity they
can't think alike as they are poor and should concentrate their little money.  I have wished that ? set hard the lumber,
the schoolhouse would go up then.  But I think now til hear for Bowmans to have it.  For when it once gets up We will
have a schoolhouse alone for their number is so small and the decrease that they will soon cease to be a
Congregation as the majority go to Luby meetings so there the church will be mixed up with our school, which will be
just as well.
                                    Yours respectfully
                                    Sallie Cadwallader

M1056 Roll 10 p 0419-0422

Office Supt R. and F
Bladensburg MD
April 16, 1867

Mr. Jno Kimball

Dr Sir
    Your note was received this a.m.
    the school was opened in the new house yesterday morning.
    I will try and send for those chairs, but hardly know when I can as all are very busy. ?
    If Bowman goes to town I will send him up to you.
    I am
    Yours ?
    G E Henry
    Brvt Maj

M1056 Roll 11 p 110

Washington, D.C.
June 8th, 1867

Friend Edward Earle
    I have been out in Prince George co Md along the R Road at Bladensburg.  There is a school the teacher of which
is sustained by the N Y Friends.  Expect they will continue their support next ear.  At Beltsville (another  R. R. Station)
there is need of a school and I shall try to get a house erected this summer.  If we succeed I hope you will find a
teacher for next year.  At Murkirk Furnace, (the next station) there is a beautiful house erected by Mr. Coffin of Boston
Mass in which there is a teacher sent by the New End F A Asst.  At Laurel the next and last Station in the County we
shall not be able to start a school as very few colored people are to be found.
    From my inspection along that route you see I cannot name to you places very continuously.  I could change the N
Y Friends to St. Mary's Co. where they have schools. And the N Eng Asso to some other point where their work would
be more together.  I would ask you to take Bladensburg and Murkirk or Beltsville when read.  As it is I can only say.  
We shall open several schools in Md this season.  You can help us a point ? of access I shall be very glad and will
make them known to you as soon as I can.  In regard to Washington there is no change since you left.  I think the
Trustees should certainly assume the support of part of your teachers here.

Very Respectfully yours,
John Kimball
Supt of School.

M1056 Roll 2 p 92-93

Nov 12th, 1867

Miss Cadwallader
    I will come out next Sabbath of 2 o'clock PM unless the weather is very band, and will bring Genl C H Howard with
me if I can.  If Mr. Bowman will come my way to my office and if I am not here inquire for Mr. Crosby my clerk and tell
him what he wants,  He can get some desks.

Very respectfully yours
John Kimball
Supt of Schools

M1056 Roll 2 page 224

Washington DC
Dec 28th 1867

Miss Baker:
    Miss Cadwallader informs me that she fears there is some uncertainty about your being able to retain her at
Bladensburg.  I hope you will not have to remove Miss C. She is doing a good work.  We are not finding teachers any
? unless the good people pay the board and all but the salary of the teacher which we make $20.00 for a lady.  I think
the same thing could be done at B and that the people could pay the board.  and I  Believe they will do it if they find
that otherwise they can not have a School.

Very Resp yours,
John Kimball
Supt of Schools

M1056 Roll 2 p 303

Washington, DC
Dec 31st 1867

Miss Cadwallader
    I have written to the Board requesting that they retain you but saying that I think the Colored people can pay the
board and all except your salary.  I hope thus you will be retained.

Very resp yours
John Kimball
Supt of School

M1056 Roll 2 314

(Undated probably before March 3d, 1868)
Sally Cadwallader

Mr. Kimble
    Esteemed Friend
            I received the reports and like them.  I am very obliged to thee for writing to my association.  I trust it will have
effect.  Many of them are willing to continue till next Summer and longer.  But some, who have an ideal further help will
encourage pampering object.  Thy plan is good.  I had some clothing sent to me for my scholars.  I told them none
should receive except those regular in attendance.  It produced the desired result.  I thought the "Loaves Fishes"
would bring them if nothing else.  But they are interested.  I wish thee had time to go to New York, Phil, and Boston
and lecture to the people telling them the great need of schools being kept up or partially supported for two or three
years yet.  These people must be educated.  I am sorry Northumberland has no teacher.  I shall go there if I cannot
stay here.  But I do hope. I can stay here next Summer.  I mean to go down in Emily's school during my vacation here.  
Anything that will do a little good for a month or six weeks.  I was nearly worn out, last vacation.  Had to go home and
rest.  I don't have chills anymore.  Our night school is very interesting.  Please say to  General O Howard I am very
grateful to him for asking the Committee to return me.  You are so kind to us here.  Respectfully, Sallie Cadwallader

M1056  Roll 6  p 0006-0007

3d Mo 8.68

Mr. Kimble

    Esteemed Friend
    I forgot this report.  Please excuse me tho tis a lame excuse.  I received the Temperance arrangement and passed
it over to member of the League as there are many in it and some intelligent enough to start and carry on an
association of that kind.  I don't get time to attend to that.  I drew up a pledge and obtained us many signers as I
could, and nudge them up all the time about it.  Punish my scholars severely when they break any part of theirs.  And
never give up lecturing them about temperance.  The men Henry Plummer, The Becketts and some others will get it
up they say.
                                            Very respectfully
                                            Sallie Cadwallader

M1056  Roll 6 p 0013-0014
May 6th 1868

Mr. Kimble
    Esteemed Friend:
    Our School is ? ? tho much smaller than in the winter and will be smaller next month present.  Several are in
service and some moved away.  I have 9 women teach between School in their home.  They are learning nicely to
read and write.  There are so many Blacks here that the Rebels can get them to work for almost nothing.  Keep one a
month then turn them off.  Sometimes without pay.  Sometimes with only half.  I shall leave here for good in July.  And I
am trying to thin out the Blacks so that they who do stay can make a living.  Reduce the whites to paying for their
work.  There's no justice here for the Black man I ? ? they could all leave here.  ? have gone to good homes among
my friends in Buck, Montgomery Penn.  More are going the 16th.  The persons ? want them send their ?  Gen Charles
suggested they work it out.  The Rebs get very hungry.  Try to persuade them not to go.  Say that I get $5 to a head
for sending them  and that the folk North will sell them to Cuba in a short time.  Some are foolish enough to believe it.  
I get frightened But the majority believe me.  Uncle Bowman says I am going to send them to Cuba.  I have not seen
him.  When I do I shall tell him what I think I begged 9 boxes of clothing from my friends North this winter so that I could
have all come to school.  Kept all of Bowmans in clothing pretty much all winter and I don't like him to persuade the
Blacks to stay here.  They just lounge about in the winter half starved.  Please thee talk Uncle Bowman into better
sense.  Those old Rebel Clarks stop him and Aunt Kitty.  They work so much for old clothes.  Very Respectfully, Sallie

M1056  Roll 6  p 0141-0142

Mr. Kimble
    I forgot to ask thee yesterday in my letter about a little girl.  She is one I want to take North with me when I go to
wait till next Fall.  When I go ? Can I get transportation for her to Lawrence Kansas.  She is 10 years old.  I want to
have her live with me.  I can educate her and teach her every way.  She is Smart and nice.  Her mother is very willing
for her to go.  But her fare which half price will be about $20.  I don't want to pay if I can help it as we are poor and
cannot very well afford to pay that for help when ? can get it there without Yet if I can take Eve I do so want to.  I think
a great deal of her and she of me.  I can get ? number  I want to go with me for which Mr. Ely could get places before
he leaves.   There is a Quaker Settlement close to where we are going in which places could be obtained.  But they
would not want to send $50 or about  ? to pay fore.  I wish you would give me transportation for Eve ? , and as many
more as you can.  I'd like to get them all away from Maryland.  33 have gone to Penn. and like it and  more go on
Monday.  If convenient please drop me a line to 185. 22nd St Washington and tell me if I can have transportation for
Eve West in the Fall.  I want to know now so as to make arrangements.  Her mother has to pull her out  ? say wont to
know now very Respectfully Sallie Cadwallader

M1056 Roll 6 p 186-187

November 2, 1868

Mr. Kimble
    Esteemed Friend
            On the 14th of December I shall close my School here and have an Examination of my scholars.  Of course it
will not be very thorough. Tis at night so all can come and I have it only to encourage the Blacks to keep their children
at School by letting them display what they have learned.   I shall commence the Examination at 4 o'clock and close it
at 8.  And then at half past 8 I shall be married here in my schoolroom and the Colored church.  Mr. Ely is willing to
gratify me in the place and ? and tis a whim of mine to be? ? ? of my school of my people ? ? all our money to ? ? ? ?
? So I have invited them all to be at our wedding.  Mr Kimble we expected to be married by the Unitarian Minister in
Washington, We are both Quakers but prefer a different mode of worship so we both attend the Unitarian Church, tho
we have the utmost respect for the Quaker faith and we believe in their principles only wish to worship a little
differently.  Thee has been such a good friend to me at the time when I most needed friends here.  That I ask as an
especial favor whether thee will please marry us.  I was never at any but a Quaker wedding, and know nothing about
the forms of their ?     ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?
do asking thy ? I do not  ? had it in thee to ? good man. and try to ? ? ? Christ and ? thee is a ? and ? for the ?  of our
marriage.  We will both thank thee gratefully if thee will do so on the night of the 14th of December at half past 8.  My
Parents and relatives are all strict Friends.  We will meet them at our wedding reception in Phil. the next day.  If tis
convenient for thee to do us the favor and also be present at our Examination i shall be very glad.  Will thee please let
me know soon if it will suit thee so to do.  Will thee please ? ? ? ? ? ? ?  O. O. Howard.  I will send my report for the
last month in a few days.
                            Thine with much respect
                            Sallie Cadwallader
I just thought I would very much like Le't Clark to come with you if tis convenient and  pleasant to him so to do.  I shall
never forget the comfort he gave me at St. Mary and how kind you all were at that time. S. C.

M1056 Roll 6 p 0310-0312

O. O. Howard
    Esteemed Friend.
    I write to say that it will give the Colored people and myself great pleasure to have thee present at our
Examination, at the close of our School or rather of my teaching on the 14th of December.  It be given at 4 o'clock in
the afternoon And Mr. Ely and I will be glad to have thee remain at my marriage at half past 8 that evening.  Tis a
fancy of mine to be married here in the midst of my School.  It will be a bright spot joy them and a gratification to me to
please them.  They have ? ? ? ? ? ? ?
Tis not ? Aristocracy   / and as I am through Republican and like my people here I wish to be married here in this
place simple way.  Please be with us Thee has been such a kind friend of mine that I would be so glad to have the
pleasure of thy presence at the Examination and at our marriage.
            With much respect
            Sallie Cadwallader

M1056 Roll 6 p 0314

Bureau RF and A.L.
Office Supt Education DC
Washington, Nov. 3d 1868

Miss Sallie Cadwallader
    Bladensburg Prince George Co. Md.
    I know of nothing at this time to prevent my being with you on the evening of the 14th of December for the
examination of your school and to perform the ceremony.  If any thing should prevent I will try to let you know.  Gent.
C.H. Howard wishes me to say that he is just now going West, but hopes to be back so as to be out at that time.  It will
be necessary, to have a license for your marriage.  I do not know where it can be obtained, but your intended will
attend to that.

Very Respectfully Yours,
John Kimball
Supt of Education

M1056 Roll 1 p 198

New York  11 month, 1868

I Kimball

    At the regular meeting of our Executive Board will not be held for two weeks yet.  I will not wait for its dictum to reply
to   ? of 12 month 28th as I am quite safe in assuming there of the  ?  ?  occasion with all our members of the state of
our finances should compel us to give up the School at Bladensburg.
    We are making efforts to obtain ? ? ?, and I hope ? it may be in our power to comply with thy request to retain S.
Cadwallader and continue the School, at least until the summer vacation.
    The few lines from thee ? be influential. I trust in about(?)
my own efforts.
                                    Sarah N Baker
                                    223 East 32 ST

M1056 Roll 5 p. 621-622.

Dec 7th 68

Mr. Kimble
    Esteemed Friend
    We thank thee for thy kindness in granting our request and in reminding us of the license.  Capt Ely will see to that
he would have attended to it all had he been acquainted with thee.  Mr. Kimble.  I received a letter from my Parents
this morning saying they wanted me to be married by Friends Ceremony.  And as they are quite old, and tis a little
thing I would like to please them in this  tho we have to do our own thinking in matter of religious opinion.  Will thee be
willing to marry us by Friends ceremony.  The form is this.  The gentleman rise before thee and say the and say the
ceremony ourselves.  The Gentleman first of course says.  "In the presence of our Father and this his assembly.  I
take _______ to be my wife.  Promising by Divine assistance to be unto her , a faithful and loving husband until
Death."  Then the lady says precisely the same, changing the places of husband and wife, of course.  At the close of
which thee pronounces us husband and wife and gives us thy blessing in thy usual style.  Thee may be familiar with
the Quaker form, if not, I thought it best to tell thee, so that if thee has any objections to using that in our marriage
Thee will please let me know soon as convenient.  If no word comes from thee.  i shall know thee are willing to marry ?
? ? ? ? My school is Smaller than it was Several have moved away.  ? ? ? ?  But I have a nice interesting school.  any
? .  Thou many of them do not come regularly.  The Committee intend continuing it.  And I have asked them to employ
Mary Tabor which I think they will do to take my place.  With much Respect
Sallie Cadwallader

M1056 Roll 6 Pages 0324-0325

December 2nd 68

Mr. Kimble
    Esteemed Friend
    I always have done as I please pretty much, and I did not suppose our Folks would oppose me in anything.  So
after, I found Captain Ely was willing to be married here. I asked thee to be so kind as to legalize our marriage.  But
now we shall ? thy kindness.  My Parents and Brothers and Sisters bitterly protest against me being married out of
meeting.  So Sam tells me we must be married at home, which we shall be on the 17th and tis best I guess too for
Sam's mother is quite ill now and he would dislike to leave her when it was doubtful about her recovery.  Even to come
to be married so tis all right. But Mr. Kimble please all of you that can come to our Examination which will be one week
from today next Thursday night the 10th of December Commence at 5 o'clock.  To compensate the children for their
disappointment we shall have a Supper for them after the Examination and a little playtime.  So we will hurry it through
and close early.  I only have the Examination to do the Parents good and make the children a little more ambitious.  
The Committee are going to send a Colored Teacher from New Bedford Mass to commence when I quit thee will
please come see here and encourage her as thee did me when I first commenced. Thine
    Sallie Cadwallader

M1056  Roll 6 P0376-0377

Bladensburg Jan 4th 1869
Gen. O. O. Howard

            The Colored people here requested me to inquire of you whether the Bureau will furnish them with some
planks, bolts and hinges for blinds for their school house.  There is so much animosity existing here among the
Whites that I being a Colored teacher do not think it will be safe without blinds.  I am about to open night school and
the Trustees have agreed if the Bureau will furnish the articles above mentioned they will do the rest themselves.  
                            Very respectfully,
                            Henrietta E. Fletcher

M1056 Roll 6 p 1136

Bureau RF and A.L.
Office Supt Education DC
Washington, Jany. 6th 1869

Miss H. E. Fletcher
    Bladensburg, Md.
    I am afraid we cannot aid more in the house, but will see.
    I want you to see the trustees and tell them to send me a copy of the deed for the school-house lot immediately.  It
must be done at once in order to secure the property.

Very Respectfully Yours,
John Kimball
Supt of Education

M1056 Roll 1 p 248

Bladensburg Feb 6th 1869
To Rev John Kimball
                    Rev. Sir
    Mr. Bowman requested me to write you and say that the reason why he has not been to see you was because he
has been sick.  The parties or party owning the ground told the people that they were not in a hurry for their money
so all the money that the people could spare they have been paying for the building on which they now owe 31 $ and
81 $ on the ground.  As soon as Mr. Bowman is able he will call and see you.
            Very respectfully
            H. E. Fletcher

M1056 Roll 6 p 1361

Bureau RF and A.L.
Office Supt Education DC
Washington, December 8th 1869

Mr. C.R. Morse
    Bladensburg Md
    Dear Sir:
    We were informed that you wanted a appointment as teacher of the school at Bladensburg.  We wrote you on the
1st inst. offering you the situation and requesting an immediate answer as to when you could commence teaching.  As
we have heard nothing from you we presume that you are not particular about accepting the school and unless you
respond to this office (at Howard University) in person, sometime this week, between the hours of 9 A.M. and 3 P.M.
We shall send another teacher to the place.

Very Respectfully,
D.G. Swaim
Bvt Maj. U.S. A. ? Act Supt Ed

M1056 Roll 1 p 440

Bureau RF and A.L.
Office Supt Education DC
Washington, Dec. 1st 1869

R C Morse
    Bladensburg, Md
Dear Sir:
    Mr. Robt S. Widdcomb informs me that the colored people of Bladensburg desire you appointment as teacher of
their school and that you are willing to accept the place.  We will give you a trial on the strength of this and want you
to begin teaching as soon as possible.  You will receive a salary of (420) per month and your board must be paid by
the colored people.  You must report your school at the end of each month on blanks which you will possibly find left
by former teachers.  Please write me at once and state what day you will commence the school.

Very Respectfully
D.G. Swaim
Bvt Maj. USA,? Supt Ed

M1056 Roll 1 p 433

Bureau RF and A.L.
Office Supt Education DC
Washington, December 9th 1869

Col R. R. Corson
Philadelphia, Pa

Dear Sir:
    We are informed by one of the trustees of the school at Huntingtown that Chas. S. Shadd was taken sick and has
returned home and they request another man in his place.  You paid him $20.00 in advance and we are held
responsible for $6.00 worth of books he purchased of Cuchinger and Bailey.  He taught just about long enough to
have his salary ? the amount.  Hope you will send us the name of a good man to fill the vacancy or we may be able to
find one here.  We have appointed C.R. Morse to continue the school at Bladensburg viz Wm H. Harris resigned.  The
school at Rockville taught by J W ? closed on the 1st inst owing the difficulty between the church and school Trustees;
of which we think the teacher some what to blame.  (Fragment)

M1056 Roll 1 p 440

Bladensburg Jan 6/70
Major Swain
    Dear Sir
    I learn by inquiry that the grounds upon which our school house stands has not been paid for their is $81.70 due
on it.  The name of the school Trustees are Darin Boman, Uriah Wallace, David Greenleaf and Sirus Johnston
    R C. Moss

M1056 Roll 9 p 1097
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