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Licenses Granted
for Billiard Tables & Others
City of St. Augustine
(from MC17, Box 3, Folder 18
St. Augustine Historical Society)
(I didn't name the file - no billiard tables on this list.)

A list of the names of persons to whom license have been granted by me for the year 1833 B
John Townsend - a cart for hire
Manuel Geridi - a cart for hire
Jose Noda - for retailing spirits
Reuben H Pinkham - for retailing spirits

April 13th 1833,  Joshua Joyner - Tax Collector

April 15 B  Magdalana Papy cart for hire

Licenses granted for the year 1838 B  
Manuel Garrider - horse cart
Catharine (Catalina P.) Solana - horse cart
Henry Ferris - horse cart
Andres Papy - horse cart
Michael Pappy - horse cart
G. W. Perpall - horse cart

F. L. Dancy, Mayor
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