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The Magnolia Hotel
104 St. George St.
St. Augustine Florida
B. E. Carr Builds Hotel
Mr. B. E. Carr, a St. Augustine merchant, built the Magnolia Hotel in 1847. The hotel opened with
seventeen rooms and could accommodate about 40 people.  The Hotel was originally called the
Magnolia House.

Rufus King's Sketches of St. Augustine 1848
In 1848 the hotel was written up in Rufus King's Sketches of St. Augustine : "The "Magnolia House,"
erected by B. E. Carr, is a spacious and attractive resort. Its style of architecture is neat; its grounds
are laid out with taste; its location is eligible. Its host was trained in one of the best establishments of
the city of New-York, and of course understands well how both to satisfy and please those who make
his house the home of their sojourn. The Magnolia House, though recently opened for public
accommodation, it has been found necessary considerably to enlarge. This work its enterprising
proprietor is now engaged upon. It will be also modified so as to suit the convenience and meet the
wants of the public, by affording many comforts and conveniences not generally attached to a hotel.
Seventeen additional rooms, with a new spacious dining hall, are to be added, which in many
respects will make it one of the most desirable places of sojourn for families and travelers in this city,
as well as for invalids."

In 1853 it had 45 rooms. W. W. Palmer from New York City became the proprietor in 1872. The
200-room hotel was located on St. George Street and boasted great fireplaces in the reading-room
and parlor. A specialty of house was the hand-painted menus. The hotel was located at 104 St.
George Street.

In 1859 a guest could stay at the Magnolia for $1.25 per day. However, the rate for second floor
accommodations was $6.50 per month, and guests staying in the attic paid only $4.00 a month.
By 1886 the Magnolia had 250 rooms that rented for $4.00 a day. In 1892, it advertised filtered
rainwater for drinking, and by 1894, porcelain bathtubs on each floor were advertised. The public and
private rooms have gas.

1867 Arrivals
D. G. Jones, Nashville Ten.
B. K. Guilt  A
J. (?) Bingham
Mrs. E. Shoemaker & Daughter, N. Y.
F. Grossman, U. S. Army
B. R. Amos  A
R. B. Patterson A
H. W. Wensells A
Buckinham [sic] Smith, St. Augustine
Mrs. Ameron, New York
Miss Ameron         
D. Livingston, Canada
K. Kelly        
F. A. Molloy          
C. Bohn, Fla.

St. Augustine Examiner Ad September 8 1866
Magnolia House,
St. Augustine.

This well known House, which has been entirely renovated and partly refurnished, now offers greater

To invalids and the traveling Public, who visit the "Ancient City," for health or pleasure, than any other
in East Florida, having about Sixty Rooms well ventilated and warm, and over three hundred feet of

The Proprietor is of old standing as an Hotel Keeper, knows the wants of his guests, and pledges
himself to give his undivided attention to their comfort.

His Table shall not be surpassed by any in this country.

Nov 16, 1867 - Capt. H. M. Snow
Magnolia House  -- As our readers will see, by the advertisement, in another column, that the
Magnolia is to be reopened under new auspices Capt H. M. Snow the proprietor, is a very
gentlemanly man and we have no doubt will do all he promises. He has also opened a restaurant and
bar room in Charlotte St which appears o e the best institution of the kind which we have ever had in
the Ancient City.

Manager 1885 - William Palmer
William W. Palmer was the Proprietor. George W. Bayly was the office manager. John J. Krom was
the clerk. John N. Mance was the steward.

Mrs. Palmer's Card Parties
Mrs. Palmer arranged card parties and entertainments. They were usually opened by Thanksgiving. In
1892 Mr. J. N. and G. H. Mance were the office with William Bosworth as Stewart and Mr. Armstrong
as chef. In 1899 20 new bathrooms were opened.

The partners had hotels in New Jersey for the summer months. Palmer originally had Hotel Brighton at
Long Branch, New Jersey, with space for 250 guests and rates of  $17.50 to $25 per week. Later,
Palmer and MacDowell owned Hotel Breslin on Lake Hopatcong, N. J. It was forty-three miles from
New York, had electricity and could care for 500 guests.

Tatler 1899
In 1899 the Tatler reported: St. Augustine so long and favorably known to visitors to Florida has again
passed into the hands of Messrs. Palmer and McDowell who have leased it for a long period of years,
opening it for this season on the first of the New Year. This popular house has been thoroughly
renovated and refurnished at a cost of $12,000, and is now thoroughly up to date in appointments,
furnishing, cuisine and service and insures guests the comforts and elegance of modern hotel life
anywhere. Sanitary plumbing, twenty new bath rooms an hydraulic elevator, new carpets, improved
heating arrangements, are among the improvements made. There are electric bells, and gas
throughout the house. The rooms airy, light and are arranged singly or in suite, with or without private
baths. The dining room has been "done over," is light, well heated and fitted with new china, silver,
glass and linen. Mr. McDowell who has the reputation of a first-class caterer has entire charge of that
department, an assurance of excellence in cuisine and service.

The large parlor has been artistically decorated, refurnished and is exceedingly attractive. A reception
room on the west side of the house affords entrance for the arriving guests from the broad driveway
that was a new feature last year. Mr. Palmer who until last year had been identified with the house for
years has charge of the main house. He is courteous and obliging and is ably assisted by Mr. J. A.
Mance, who is room clerk, and Mr. Will Palmer, assistant.

20th Century
In 1901
it was open December 1st to May 1st. Palmer & McDowell, were the Proprietors. It
accommodated 300 people with rates from $3 to $5 per day or $15.00 to 30. per week. The hotel
was one block from the Post Office, Plaza and Ponce de Leon and 5 minutes from the depot. The
house was improved in 1899-1900 and had public baths and toilets on each floor with fifty rooms
having private baths. A first class orchestra furnished music twice daily.

In 1904 J. N. Mance was the cashier of the hotel.

Open December 1st to May 1st. Palmer & MacDowell were the proprietors. The hotel
accommodated 300 people with rates from $2.50 to $4.00 per day, and $15.00 to $25.00 weekly --
without private bath. With private bath -- daily, $4.00 to $6.00; weekly, two persons, $50.00 to $60.00.
This hotel, with spacious piazzas and extensive lawn, is pleasantly and centrally located on St.
George street one block from the post office, plaza and Ponce de Leon and only five minutes' ride
from the depot. It had public baths and toilets on each floor and fifty rooms with private baths. The
hotel also had elevator and steam heat. It had a first class orchestra which still furnished music twice
daily and there was a laundry in connection with the house.

Opening January 1, 1910
Hotel Magnolia Opens.
The Hotel Magnolia opened on New Year's day with a number of guests that augurs well for the
success of the coming season. The Magnolia is widely known, and holds an enviable reputation as
one of the most popular houses of the city. At this hotel, which is located in one of the most desirable
portions of the city, the accommodations for guests are unexcelled. It is under the efficient
management of Messrs. Palmer and MacDowell, experienced hotel men, who understand thoroughly
the art of entertaining their guests.

The social functions enjoyed at the Magnolia throughout the winter months are important features of
life at this hotel. Card parties, dances, and numerous other social affairs are given for the pleasure of
the guests and are greatly appreciated by them. Through the courtesy of the management of Messrs.
Palmer and MacDowell there of the season was given on the evening of Saturday, the opening day,
by the Utopia club, a social organization of this city. It was given in the spacious ball-room of the hotel,
and was greatly enjoyed by all those attending.

Dance at Magnolia.
The opening dance of the season at the Hotel Magnolia was enjoyed last evening in the hotel parlors.
The floor was perfect for dancing and the music furnished by the Magnolia orchestra was of the best,
so the affair proved as throughly delightful as do all the pleasant social functions given at this hotel.
Among those dancing were Mrs. Chas. Reiger, Mrs. Sonntag, Mrs. Nelson, Mrs. MacLaren, Mrs.
Allen, Mrs. Gerhard, Miss Nelson, Miss Kemp, Miss Chambers, Mr. W. E. Dowd, Mrs. Chas. Reiger,
Mr. J. T. MacdDowell, Mr. L. G. MacDowell, Mr. W. W. Palmer, Mr. C. A. Crieghton, Dr. Mosely and
Dr. Young.

Magnolia Hotel Opened Today for Season of 1916 (St. Augustine Evening Record, January 4,
Today the Hotel Magnolia, one of St. Augustine's most popular tourist attractions opens under the
most suspicious circumstances. The initial bookings for accommodations at this hotel are especially
heavy and all the signs point to an unusually busy season during the months of January, February and
March, with a prolongation of the season well through April and even up to May first. The Magnolia is
always a popular social center, and the series of delightful social events which enliven life at that hotel
during the season will begin probably next week with an opening dance. The splendid orchestra
whose music has been so popular the Magnolia during several seasons past will return here. Henry
Marcus will, as usual, be the leader, and the orchestra will be improved this year by the addition of a
drum. This will add much to the good dance music so much in demand at the Magnolia hotel at lunch
and after dinner.

Miss Helen Eike, a charming society girl from Asbury Park, N. J. who is to be social entertainer at the
Magnolia this season, will arrive here within the next few days, and under her guidance a brilliant array
of dances, balls, dinners, card parties and other events will be arranged and enjoyed by guests at the
Magnolia and friends invited from outside.

The Hotel Magnolia will be this season as during previous years under the direction of Messrs.
Palmer and MacDowell, proprietors, They will have the assistance in the office of Charles Creighton,
chief clerk; Miss Bessie McGuire, cashier and bookkeeper; Mr. Lippincott, front clerk, and Peter
Russell, night clerk.

On December 27, 1926 the hotel was destroyed in a fire.
This ad picture is the same Picture as above in Postcard and picture to the right
State Archives of Florida, Florida Memory,
[Hotel Magnolia, St. Augustine, Florida]
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Detroit Publishing Co. , publisher
Date Created/Published: [between 1900 and 1910]
Magnolia House,
St. Augustine, Fla.  
[St. Augustine views.]
([ca. 1880])
St. Augustine, St. Johns County, Florida, 1884
Series Title:  Insurance maps of St. Augustine, Florida
Physical Description:  Map
Creator:  Sanborn Map Company
Publisher:  Sanborn Map Company

Note: As you can see the Magnolia Hotel is on the west side St. George. All the
pictures show the Magnolia from south of the building.
Ancient City
June 29, 1850
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St. Augustine Examiner
January 7, 1860
The Magnolia Hotel
104 St. George St.
St. Augustine Florida
The Magnolia Hotel
104 St. George St.
St. Augustine Florida
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