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Rev. Mansfield French to AMA from Washington D.C.
January 4, 1862

A. M. A. 15869
Washington, D. C., January 4, 1862

Dear Brother,

I am grateful to God that our or rather
his,  cause find favor with the Government. Mr. Chase [Ed: Sec of Treasury]
sympathizes fully and has done all I could ask. Mr Cameron [Ed: Sec of War] granted me an audience this morn I stated
what we wanted he heard patiently and with deep interest and said "I highly approve of the plan it will do great good.
Com in  Monday morning and I will give you all you want:" With renewed occasion for thanksgiving I left.

I assured Mr Chase that our plain, if carried out, would doubtless aid materially in gathering the cotton, as all our
influences would tend to promote order industry and economic living, among the colored people. To all this he assented.
I intend to ask Mr. Cameron for a ? pass to see the missionaries as may have occasion to send. Our Divine Master
seems to smile in our projected work. May he have grace and wisdom not to mar it, but to perfect it.

Mr. Greeley lectured at the Smithsonian last week. The President, Sec Chase, Sen Wilson King and I were on the
platform. Mr. Greeley gave no "South side view" of slavery. He took the "bull by both horns," fearlessly. The strongest
denunciations against slavery found a hearty response. The allusion to Fremont brot down a
perfect storm  of loud and
long stamping and cheering. Dr. Cheever was announced for next week. For this
wonderful change in Washington let us
give thanks to God.

A general connection seems to pervade all that an advance is to be made. The Cavalry and artillery are moving. Slavery
looms us more and more distinctly as the great antagonistic foe that is to be met. He might as well go home, with
Gideon's "fearful and unbelieving" ones, who cannot fight for God and humanity against Slavery." Three hundred
slavery-haters, are worth more that thirty two thousand ? union lovers.

While ? may God to strike down the rebels, head he not bitter pray also that he send down the chariots and take up to
heaven - if such be possible all our gov generals, who work to save both
Union and Slavery? If such a prayer were
answered, from the tone of remarks here the noble and honored Rebel land might possible be first called for.

The Lord bless you all in your earnest endeavors to save ? ?by our Divine Master. Hope to reach him Tuesday morning
- ? ? M French.