Marriage License
Simon Sanchez to Jane Johnson
June 9, 1874
National Archives - Pension Records
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This is the true copy of the marriage license between Simon Sanchez and Jane Johnson was issued June 9, 1874 by Fatio Dunham Clerk and B F Oliveios
District Court. The marriage was officiated by Rev Ivory Barnes the pastor of the
1st Baptist Church in St. Augustine. Note the top of the second page.
This page was used in an attempt to obtain a pension by his wife. Simon Sanchez was a veteran of the 33rd USCT Company F.

Marriage License
1874 June 9 Simion Sanchez to Jane Johnson

State of Florida St. Johns County

To any Minister of the Gospel Magistrate or officer legally authorized to soleminize the rites of marriage. Whereas application having been made to the
Clerk of the Circuit Court of the 4th Judicial Circuit of Florida for the
county of St. Johns for a License of Marriage and it appearing to the satisfaction of
said Clerk that no legal objections exist to the marriage now sought to be solomnized. ? are to authorize you to unite in the Holy Estate of Matrimony.
Simion Sanchez and Jane Johnson, and you will make return of the said on this ? duly certified under your hand to the clerk of said court without
unnecessary delay. Witness Fatio Dunham Clerk of the Circuit Court for St. Johns County and the seal of said court at St. Augustine this 9th day of June
AD 1874 Fatio Dunham Clerk by B F Oliveros D.C.

A true record entered 12 August 1874  Fatio Dunham CC by B. F. Oliveros D. C.

State of Florida
St. Johns County

I hereby certify that I conducted the marriage ceremony uniting Jane Johnson and Simeon Sanchez of the City of St. Augustine Florida in the Holy bonds of
Matrimony at St. Augustine Florida on the 9th day of June A. D. 1874.\

Ivory Barnes
1st Baptist Church
St. Augustine Fla

Subscribed and sworn to before me at St. Augustine Florida this 22nd day Sept 1883
Witness my hand and official hereto

John G. Long
Notary Public
State of Florida at large.
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