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Mrs. Mary E. Vangh
On Miss Mary S. Peake
September 2, 1862

AMA 86115
Sept 2d 1862

Miss Peake

Mrs Mary E. Vangh now of Providence R. I. formerly of Alexandria D. C. Says that she was a schoolmate of Miss Peake
and testifies that she was a very amicable girl and good student. They for a time attended a select colored school taught
by a colored woman. Afterward they attended a colored school taught by white teachers. The last teacher was Mr.
Nathall, an Englishman. He taught till a law of Congress passed that the laws of Virginia in relation to free colored people
should prevail in the District of Columbia. This was several years before Alexandria was receeded to Virginia. This law
closed all colored schools in the City.

Miss Peake was compelled to leave the school in consequence of being informed of as having come from Virginia.
Mary S. Peake