Return to Port Royal Experiment
Letter from Mary S. Peake to Simeon Smith Jocelyn
Fortress Monroe, Va
January 1862

AMA H1-4364

Dear Bro Jocelyn

I hope this may find you and your family well my health is about the same as it was when you were here.

I send these lines to you by my Brother-in-law. William Davis as he may see you and your committee. I wish to thank you
all for the donation of clothing and bedding I have received through you by Mr. Coan at this time I have may comforts
which I was much in need of.

Dear Brother I am happy to inform you that the school is still improving I have lost 2 scholars by Death since you left I
have now 53 in the day school and 20 in the night the Sisters and Brethren and the children sends their love to you and
also their thanks to your Committee.

I hope to hear from you by Bro. Davis May the Lord bless all yours good works and labours of love in the Prayers of
your humble sister in the Lord Mary S. Peake
January 1862
Mary S. Peake
Teacher at Fortress Monroe
1st AMA Teacher to the Freedmen
1st African American AMA Teacher
1st to Die in Service
Hampton University Museum Archives