St. Johns County
Matanzas Matters (Florida Times Union, Dec. 24, 1889)
The Mantanzas Farmers' Alliance, at their last meeting, elected the following officers for the ensuing year: Ernest
Washington, president; James Dupont, vice president; S. D. Mitchell, secretary; E. A. Eatman, treasurer; Henry F.
Masters, trustee stockholder, and fixed the third Saturday in each month for regular meetings. Messrs. O. L. Eatman, S.
D. Mitchell and F. P. Dupont left Friday for Moultrie as delegates to the county alliance.

Miss Nettie Boyton has closed her school until January 1, and left Saturday, in company with her father, Mr. William
Boynton of Federal Point. She will spend the holidays with the loved ones at home.

On the 21st inst. the Pellicer M. E. Church gave an entertainment and supper at the school house, for the benefit of
retired ministers and orpahns. All of the recitations music, etc., were well rendered, and the church returns many thanks
to Miss Mattie Van Sickle, of Moultrie, and Mr. Genning of St. Augustine, for their kindness and assistance. The
refreshments were served for Mrs. A. M. Goettes, assisted by Misses Katie and Mattie Carterand at a late hour the
auction closed up everything and all went home feeling that they had enjoyment enough for their money.

Mr. Charles Dupont, the efficient teacher of Cow Pen branch school, will spend the holidays with his parents and friends
on old Mantanzas.
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