The Florida Man Who Has Been Designated for this Post
New York Tribune
December 3, 1899
The new diplomatic agent and Consul General of the United States at Cairo, Egypt, is John G. Long of St. Augustine,
Fla., and his appointment is said to be the most important ever given to a resident of that State by the National

Judge Long was born in Wilmington, N. C. in 1846. He has never held a Federal appointment, though to him is ascribed
a large share of the credit due for the organization of the Republican party in Florida. He has been prominent in National
politics since 1884, and he had the confidence and high regard of James G. Blaine, but Judge Long never sought
Federal honors, and even this appointment came to him unsolicited. He has been Judge of the Circuit Court of Florida,
and has been Mayor of St. Augustine for several terms. The appointment is a compliment to his abilities and integrity.
William McKinley
President of the United States
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