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Memorial Presbyterian
Baptismal Font
Carrere and Hastings designed the baptismal font in Memorial Presbyterian Church. It is made of
Sienna yellow marble, oblong in shape at each end it is a dolphin cut in relief and strapped down "I will
be a God to thee, and to they seed after thee." In Memoriam FHB to JLB March 22, 1889

Times Union
June 4, 1890

"The great Baptismal Font is one solid piece of Siena marble.,an unusually fine specimen of Italian
carving. It "bears, the inscription 'In Memoriam—F. H. B. to J. L, B.—March 25th, 1890~-*I will be
a God unto thee and to thy seed after thee.*The quotation is from Genesis 17:7. The baptismal font is
fitted with a table top at communion seasons and from it the Lord's Supper is served. The font thus
symbolizes both of the Christian sacraments,