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Miss A. A. Carter
Lawton Place, Hilton Head, South Carolina
May 20, 1863
American Missionary
AMA Records
Miss A. A. Carter was a teacher supported by the American Missionary Association. Her teaching location was near
the headquarters of the
Department of the South on Hilton Head at the Lawton Place.

1. The Quarters - former slave housing still housing for the freedpeople.

2. Half hands - all children twelve years and upwards who work in the fields.

3. Mind child - children assigned to watch over children.

4. Mind crow - children assigned to keep crows off the field.

5. Conscription - actually press gang would have been a better term.
General Hunter simply had every male (and
some youngsters from this report) seized and recruited to USCT regiments. Miss Carter would go on to explain: "I
stopped just now to give a Testament to the little drummer boy of the colored regiment. He is only nine years old, but
reads nicely..."

6. Shouts - Rhythmatic music could be religious in nature but may not always be