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May 31, 1910
Moccasin Branch Church Was Dedicated Yesterday
In the presence of fully three hundred people the new Catholic Church at Moccasin Branch was
dedicated by the Rt. Rev. Bishop Kenny yesterday. He was assisted by Father O'Mahoney who
accompanied him from St. Augustine. The impressive ceremony took place at 9:30 o'clock in the
morning. Father Langlade also assisted in the ceremony.

The altars and the Church were sprinkled in accordance with the beautiful and impressive custom of
the Church and following the dedication by Bishop Kenny mass was sung at 10 o'clock by Father
Langlade and Father O'Mahoney preached. A class of about thirty, including both children and adults,
then received the rite of confirmation from the bishop.

The Church especially bears witness to the wonderful work of Father Langlade. The work of erecting it
was all under his personal direction and he did much of the work himself. It is a frame building but the
interior is finished in panels of native wood and is most beautiful and shows splendid skill and
workmanship. The old Church which it replaces was also built by Father Langlade.

Over three hundred were present many going out from St. Augustine. A big picnic dinner was spread
after the ceremonies of the morning were over. The weather was ideal and this made the entire day
one that will long be remembered.
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