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Movement to Augusta Georgia
May 25, 1865

AMA 19370
Rev. W. P. Russell
Augusta, GA
May 25, 1865

sent $50 June 8, 1865

Augusta Ga May 25, 1865


Dear Brethren

I do not know whether our move in coming to this city meets with your approval or not A military agent was just appointed
Gen Saxton to come either for the purpose of caring for the colored people. He invited me to come with him and do
what I might for their intellectual and spiritual good. Br. Richardson kindly proposed to accompany me and render such
assistance in the matter as his greater experience might enable him to gi ve.

The journey up the Savannah River was long and slow. We finally reached this place yesterday morning. The first thing
which we did was to report ourselves to the Gen. in command of he post. He received us kindly and expressed a
willingness to aid us in any way. Today we have had consultation with a number of the colored men. They seem greatly
pleased with the prospect of schools, and wish us to preach in their churches.

So anxious are they to have schools begin at once, that we have concluded to do the best we can for these now. I will
stay a few weeks and assist them so much as I can. The government agent is a good fellow and says, that he will stand
beside them.

The old masters who are very numerous here look on with wonder. They say however but little.

In order to avoid any such difficulty as exists at Savannah I propose to direct or superintend these schools myself and I
say to the people that they may expect a superintendent and teachers to come on from your society in October. I think
the prospects for good here are flattering. I will write more soon.

In starting I find my expenses are more heavy. then I hope they will be after a little (Please send me fifty dollars. Direct to
my care Capt. J. E. Bryant

In Christian love.

W. P. Russell

P.S. I write in haste, that I may send by Mr. Bumis publisher of your sheet. We may be able to publish with you more than
I have written.

I shall be happy to receive any instructions from time to time that you may think I need. I did not stop at Savannah long
enough on any way hither to investigate school matters there, but will endeavor to do so on my return.

W. P. R.
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Rev. W. P. Russell was from Memphis, Michigan. He would
return to Memphis, Michigan by 1867.